by oldie, Sep 06, 2013
I have paroxysistic supraventricular tachycardia. I'm taking Coreg 6.25 and Rythmol (propafenone hidrochlorate)150mg once daily. I'm 85. Am I on the right medication please?
by CCFHeartMD19Blank, Sep 06, 2013
Dear oldie,

It is hard to give you an accurate assessment of your situation without reviewing your entire history in person.
The medications that you are on help control the heart rate and rhythm. There are a lot of options available nowadays. I can only say that the medications are right if these are helping control your symptoms. You haven't mentioned your symptoms but if these drugs are helping reduce the severity and frequency of your symptoms, you are on the right ones.
Hope that helps

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by oldie, Oct 01, 2013
The holter showed 13 tachy events in  24  hours, 4 serious, 9 short. in no case was I aware of them, not even discomfort. However, the symptoms I have felt for years, sudden nausea, dizziness, intense fatigue, gut anxiety aches. almost intolerable tingling in arms shoulders and thighs, hour-long sweats, continue as they have been for twenty years before my CAD was disovered (stent RCA May 2010) I unhappily assume they are post trauma anxiety and medicine side effects and must just accept them. Thank you for your carefully reasoned reply.