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hi i'm 46 year's old did smoke until this past Saturday I had an ct flash done on my heart now I've been told I have coronary artery disease I have blockage in my rca distell third section 25 to 50 % and in my mid lad close to 50% doctor say's it's not real good for my age and even indication of hardening of the arteries he's put me on 40mg of Lipitor and a baby asprin which I've been taking because I do take coozar and atenolol I really have no sensation to smoke anymore so that's a good thing I guess what i'm asking is am I in that bad of shape that I could have a heart attack or kick the bucket soon? thank's for listening to me just concerened had this test less than 2 years ago and my mid lad was less than 25% and the rca distell third was the same and my doctor at that time said no big deal
Congratulations on quitting smoking! This is really one of the most important things that you can do for your health.  It sounds like you have some coronary artery disease, and your doctor is doing the right thing by putting you on good medications. The most important thing to do is to talk with your doctor about how to reduce your risk through medications and good life-style changes. Keep up the good work!
here's a copy of my flash could you tell me what ya think ouf it i would really appreciate it and i want ya to be strait forward thanks again Doc

Indication: Atypical chest pain

PROTOCOL:  Baseline heart rhythm and vital signs were evaluated.  The patient was premedicated with nitroglycerin and EKG monitoring used.  An intravenous line was established and rapid bolus iodinated contrast was administered while CT images were obtained.  No complications were encountered.

Three dimensional reconstructions of the CT images were performed and post-processing and analysis was done for definition of coronary stenosis.

This cardiac scan was interpreted by a cardiologist with respect to the heart only.  If interpretation of noncardiac structures is indicated, radiology consultation should be obtained.

A.  CALCIUM SCORE: Calcium scoring was not performed.

1.  LEFT MAIN CORONARY ARTERY:  The left main coronary artery arises normally from the left coronary cusp, bifurcating into the LAD and a nondominant circumflex.  The left main is normal.
2.  LEFT ANTERIOR DESCENDING ARTERY:  The LAD displays a calcified plaque in the mid segment, resulting in <25% stenosis. The 3rd diagonal branch has a non-calcified plaque causing 25-50% stenosis in the proximal vessel.
3.  LEFT CIRCUMFLEX ARTERY:  The circumflex is nondominant. It is normal.
4.  RIGHT CORONARY ARTERY:  The RCA arises normally from the right coronary cusp.  It is dominant. Therere is a mixed non-calcified and calcified plaque resulting in <25% stenosis in the proximal vessel. There is a calcified plaque in the mid vessel causing near 50% stenosis. The remainder of the vessel is free of disease.

C.  NONCORONARY FINDINGS:  The aortic valve is trileaflet.  The left ventricle appears to be normal in size.  Left ventricular function is not assessed on this diastolic phase only study.


1. Two vessel coronary artery disease with mild disease seen in the mid LAD and proximal and mid RCA with stenosis up to 50% in the mid RCA. Remainder of disease as above.
2. For a report on non-cardiac findings in the chest, please refer to a separate report from Radiology.
3. These findings were discussed with the Royal Oak EC Obs PA Colleen at the time of this report.
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