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  during an exam the docter said he saw a " scar " on  the ekg. A thalium
  stress test showed some blockage and a heart catherization is scheduled.
  my question is this- what is a scar, and what do you see on the stress
  test that determines a blockage ? why cant the docters show you what
  they are looking at? will the docters that are doing the catherization
  tell us what they see before the test ? there are no other health
  problems , blood pressure is good and cholesterol is ok.
  thank you
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Dear cdm
A scar refers to dead heart tissue- the area of an old heart attack. It was logical of your doctor to perform a stress test based on your abnormal EKG and to recommend a catheterization based on the abnormal stress test. The stress test lets the doctor know if there is a possible blockage based on the different blood flow patterns in the heart. It would be pointless for your doctor to show you the actual test results, as looking at the pictures would be meaningless to the untrained eye. The doctors doing the catheterization can not show you anything until the test is done.
I hope this has been useful. Feel free to write back with further questions. Good luck.
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