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echo-dilemma....chest issues
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echo-dilemma....chest issues

hi my name is vimal, i am 20 years old  healthy male. non smoker, non drinker, It all started with a disturbing pain on left side of my chest.i directly went to er , but in few minutes i started feeling well. It was not a strong pain but since it happened for the first time so i freaked out.Next day , docs conducted Echo test and Angiogrpaphy.
Now reports of Angiography was absolutely normal
And echo report was normal except for mild mr n tr and lveff=49%

But i got really scared after the event,started feeling like a heart patients .This was due to lack of counselling on the part of doctors. The just told me it was due to gas or muscular pain nothing else.Anxiety

i still experience same disturbing pain.

Right under the left nipple , something moved,a bubble forms, pain the armpit as well,,,, n some times stretch upto my right chest,

I started reading things on  the internet, now i also feel irregular beats (i don knw if it is normal or not)... though i never feel like fainting or lightheadedness, i just get freaked out as if i m going 2 have a heartattack.

I again went to a cardiologists, he conducted ecg , reports were normal only showed  rbbb , to my surprise my Echo reports dis time were absoultely normal. no mr ,tr n lvef=75.

I have 3 questions in mind
1)am I really suffering from a heart problem or is it jus anxiety ,or muscular pain. I would also like to mention that my mind is always preoccupied with  this anxiety.
2)I didn't felt strong heatrbeats intially, but now i've statrd feeling them.,is it also due to anxiety?
3)Y does my echo reports in both the case differ, first i was diagones with mild mr/tr second time no mr n tr.?

Please help me,,,i am too much dissappointed with this pain. Please guide me.
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Hi Vimal,
Without being able to review your entire history it will not be possible to give you an exact answer, but generally speaking the symptoms that you describe suggest that your chest pain is more likely related to anxiety problems than heart disease. The fact that you had an angiography reported as normal makes the possibility of a heart attack very unlikely. The palpitations or strong heart beats can also be explained by your increased anxiety as we usually have "extra beats" during the day but we don't feel them unless our degree of alertness/stress is increased. It is hard to conclude about the differences between the 2 echocardiograms as I have not seen them, but I can tell you that this test can be very operator dependent. This means that the EF (ejection fraction) report and the degree of valve regurgitation can differ significantly between to experts in the same patient, as the obtained numbers depend on the quality of the images obtained. To better clarify this concern I would suggest you to get a copy of both echocardiograms (images on a CD) and take them to a specialist for his review.

Good luck.
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