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heart pcs and speeding up
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heart pcs and speeding up

hi every im totaly new im coming to the end of a road and im just tired scared and no one beleives me. im a 23 year old guy i started geting flutters a few years back so ive gotting 2 echo scans 2 24 hour holter monitors 1 stress test and all ok but at the moment i get this were my heart beat goes...beat...beat...BEAT........BEAT...beat...beat one big thump misses a beat or maybe two then a big thump to come back then the worst one is like your heart is a runner whos jumping hurdles its sometimes like the runner trips at about 4 or 5 hurdles thats my heart tripping almost over beats this could last maybe 2 seconds that makes my body jolt also i if i drink alcohol my heart after about 3 drinks speeds up and wont go normal until i wake up next morning i can also feel every beat in my heart at times like sitting with my back against a chair im being pusshed foward slighty with each beat my heart is just so sencitive it feels like right now i have a tickly sensation in my chest if i bend down quick it feels funny like my heart gets full for a second or if im in bed resting if i turn on my side my heart quickens for a munite maybe. im scared suicide is a constant thought in my mind no one beleives as i suffer from anxiety but when my heart plays up im anxious not the other way around its ruining my life not a half an hour of my life goes by without me worrying or feeling my pulse i cant live my life
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Hi Drew,

I am sorry to read about your frustrations.  You should not feel alone -- this is a surprisingly common problem.  First of all, if you are really thinking about suicide, you should see a doctor right away.  If you are very serious, you should call 911 or go to an emergency room and tell them.  There is always help available!

It sounds like you have symptomatic PVCs or PACs but this would this needs diagnostic tests to prove it.  These are no problems that people die from but they may have a significant impact on your quality of life.  From what you describe, you sounds like you have anxiety at baseline.  PVCs/PACs are usually more symptomatic in people like yourself because you tend to worry about what it might be or if  you may be dying.  There are medications that can decrease the sensation of PVCs/PACs like beta blockers and medications that can decrease the number of pvc/pacs like flecainide and propafenone.  The later two medications are only for people with severe symptoms.

I hope this answers your questions and please seek help soon!  Good luck.
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I just re-read your post and saw that you have had an echo. Try your best to not focus on your heart so much...I know easier said than done, but seriously it will not help to focus on it constantly. Get up and do something, anything to take your mind off of it.
Again, good luck!!
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im a 23 male to and have the same problem. so when you turn in bed you pick up you heart palpitat speed up and then slow back down? that funny, i had that problem to until i was but on xanax, but i still picked up the premature beat. a month later i was perscribed a beta blocker. i went through so many doctors and so many tests and everything was perfect. its not the premature beats that bother me it the sensation that comes along with them.
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You are not alone!! Just search this forum for PVCs and see how many posts there are! I am 23 also and experience PVCs very frequently and yes, they scare me to death! But being able to come to this forum and see that there are so many others experiencing the same thing that I am really helps me. It will help you too!!
It is great that you have been to the doctor and gotten checked out. Have you gotten an echo? If you have the ok from your doctor you have to trust that your heart is healthy and that these PVCs are not going to kill you. If you feel this bad I would get some therapy to help you cope. I did the same thing when I started having these PVCs and then panic attacks. I sometimes feel that no one in my life understands how I feel and I feel alone and scared, but please know that you are one of millions suffering. I have the same reaction to alcohol so I have cut that and caffeine out completely.
Do not let fear control your life! It will paralyze you! So talk to a therapist, confide in a friend, use this forum, and do not let these PVCs get the best of you!
Good luck!
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Firstly, i am so sorry for doing this but i have been trying to post on this site for last 2 yrs without
any luck and i really need some
I am 26 yrs old and have had pain in left arm for past 5 yrs.
It begins as pain in my bicep and a squeezing sensation and then my hand and wrist go numb and the pain seems to come
from a vein in my wrist which feelis like it is pulsating.
At first i ignored this but in last 2 yrs i have also developed an abnormal heart beat..sinus arrythmia.
I so not suffer from anxiety and i have had a stress test, echo, cardiolite, calcium scan showing score of 1 and holter
all with normal results.
I now have dizziness and a sensation that i am far away and not in the room.
I am also very confused and find it vey hard to take care of my 6 month old daughter.
When i was pregnant i had pain travelling up into my neck from my arm and felt ill the whole time.
This pain is bought on by normal physical activity but especially lifting when i get an electrical sensation in my
I have no remarkable family history excepy my grandfather had heart attack at 57 but was long time diabetic.
When my mother was 30 she suffered what she believed was a heart attack but refused to go to the hospital.
It was after alot of heavy lifting and she had extremely severe chest pain..she is now 58 and has recently been diagnosed
stable angina but surely if she had had a heart attack they would have known on her stress test.
I am also an ex smoker (30 per day) but quit 2 yrs ago and have recently lost 5 stone going from 15 to 10.
A cardiologist i had to see privately thinks i am having spasms but wants to prove this with another holter.
The cost of these tests is putting me and my family in severe debt but i dont know what to do.
I also suffer from raynauds disease and have a right bbb.
Please, please can you advise me.
Again i am very sorry for using somebody elses post.
I am in the UK.
Thank you
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PVCs are often a benign condition, and beta blockers can help reduce the symptoms a lot. Other medications can help with the anxiety, as can techniques such as cognitive therapy, relaxation, etc.  In short, there is a lot you can do to improve your situation, and you can look forward to a long and fruitful life - experiencing pvcs now and again should not be the end of your world!

As far as alchohol as a trigger for pvcs - this is pretty common. I am not a doctor, but you must have heard of that old joke where a guy goes to see his doctor:

Patient: "Doctor, it hurts when I do this! Can you help?"
Doctor:  "Sure! - Just don't do that anymore!"

I hope you feel better soon.
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Moose Juise, you say this:

"I now have dizziness and a sensation that i am far away and not in the room."

My dear, this is a cardinal marker for a panic attack.  The Merck Manual gives a list of symptoms of panic attack (p. 1534, 17th ed.).  Take a look at #5 down there.

Chest pain or discomfort
Dizziness, unsteady feelings, or faintness
Fear of going crazy or of losing control
**Feelings of unreality, strangeness, or detachment from the environment
Flushes or chills
Nausea or abdominal distress
Numbness or tingling sensations
Palpitations or accelerated heart rate
Shortness of breath or smothering sensation
Trembling or shaking

Since yor heart has been given quite a good checkup (although a Holter wouldn't hurt), I would suggest you now concentrate on seeing someone who treats the mind.  I know, you won't want to do this, but you have a lot of evidence that your body is fine.  There is no blame in having panic attacks; it's just something that happens, and some people are more prone to it than others, just as some are more prone to weak ankles.  For the sake of your family's well-being, it's now time to suck it up and check out your head.
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What you say is ok woodruff...but problem is they agree that it seems my heart is short of bloof but for some reason they have no idea why, i am obviously depressed as i have family to take care of and i am too bust to be this ill.
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First of all as everyone else said, you are not alone a lot of us have your symptoms. However there are choices that you make that can worsen your condition. My rapid heart beats started about 2 years ago and the first thing my doc. said was cut out alcohol and caffeine.Come to find out I have GERD, however I was diagnosed with mild mitro valve  regurgitation (left side). I take no meds even though the doc. wanted to write me a rx for anxiety.I have a very strong mind and plan on not letting it rule my life and you have got to get to that point.Even though it is scary and sometimes I still get dscared.As far as your heart rate and you feeling it as you were sitting in the chiar, that happened to me yesterday. I was at Gatorland in Florida on vacation and I was standing on a bridge and out of no where I could feel my heartbeat in the back of my neck and on my back beating very fast. However knowing that I had stress test, a EKG and Echo and a halter within the last year and all they found was what I said earlier mild mitro valve regurtitation I put my mind over the matter. Please see someone to help you if you feel to the point of suicide. Good luck.
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I read your posting drew/sickntired. I do empathzise with you. I to
feel my pulse all day long sometimes. I go into complete panic when I feel the hard thumps after a PVC or PAC, I get them both. I am on vacation right now in France, and all I can think about is getting back home to San Diego to get to the hospital. I have been having PVC'S here in France, do not want to go to an ER here, English is not spoke here, and that would be a nightmare!!
These PVC'S have been a living nightmare!!
I am so sick of hearing it is just an anxiety!!! YES, Palps do cause me great anxiety.
It is the dammed palps that give me the anxiety!!!
Feel free to write ***@****
Take care
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This is my first post...so hello to you and everyone here!

I sincerly emphasize with you also.
The fear caused from PVC's certainly can feel overwhelming. Please trust and know your not alone. Personally, I have been having "episodes" of them for over 25 years, and even now, I still struggle with my own fears of them.
I can assure you though, that they can become less worrisome with some proper guidance and relaxation techniques. Just like exercise programs, it takes some dedication but gets easier day by day. The one thing that works best for me at this time is playing online games to keep my mind occupied while I'm having an attack. (Mine come in series over many weeks or months, then just disappear for months)

Hope you find comfort here....I can honestly say that others here have saved my sanity! All my best!

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Unfortunately I am another suffer of these dreaded PVC's but I am please to say I have come a long way since 12 months ago when then I would freak out and totally panic after each and every PVC!  I feel for you so much as I know what you are going through.  The constant fear of death and dreading the next episode.  The first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing at night.  I have been worried about you since reading your post and hoping that you will come back and read all the supportive posts which I know have helped me significantly over the last year.  I was lucky enough to pin down a cardiologist and talk to him for 45 mins!!!! He was so sympathetic and reassured me that I was healthy.  He also explained that every single one of us have pvcs/pacs but it is only a small minority that feel every single one.  I also had all the tests to be on the safe side as my father has severe heart disease and subsequently had a triple heart bypass and a defib/pace maker fitted, my cardio organized tests. After holter monitors, 2 day stress tests, Scans etc .....all came back showing a perfectly normal heart with normal function.  He told me I was perfectly healthy and I wouldn't die from this.  It was an amazing appointment and very emotional for me because I had just had my 3rd child and it all started 6 weeks after having her. I got myself into a very deep, depressed state for months which Is why i know what you are feeling...I have been there.  These flip/flops, flutterings, jumps, extra beats....maybe very annoying and unnerving but rarely dangerous.  I have learned to accept them in my life now can sort of predict when they will worsen.....for example, too much caffeine, alcohol, stress, being run down, having a cold....all these things can trigger them off.   I really hope you can find comfort in our postings and know you are not alone.  Please post back and let us know how you are doing and to everyone else out there....lets keep supporting each other. This site is a real life saver.  Thanks for all your support.

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Please read and off advice of any kind...

OK, so about 2 months ago... I had an episode where my heart started beating really fast and I got all light headed and scared. My husband said he thought it was a panic or anxiety attack and after a few minutes it did pass... I have never had anxiety or anything like that and wasnt doing anything or thinking about anything at the time (was actually sitting down relaxed watching tv when it happened)....
I was on some meds at the time (topamax, metformin for polysystic ovary syndrome, lovastatin for chlorestrol and I had taken a pain killer for a recent knee injury)...
After a few days, I got that feeling again, this time It was accompanyed with shortness of breath, and just an overall "feeling bad" sensation, like I was gonna pass out and die. I was driving and luckily, I was close to my husbands work so I pulled in and he came out of his office and sat with me and we decided to go to the ER. The ER did a ct scan, x-rays, ekg and checked me out and said everything looked fine. I went home and made an appt with my PCP who was out of town at the time so I had to wait a bit to get in to see him. In that time, once again, it happened... and this time it was really bad and i was at home and my hubby called 911 because i was on the verge of blacking out...
By the time the ambulance came, it had subsided a bit and I was feeling better but they took me to the ER anyway. Again, they checked me out and said everything was fine... they did another ct scan and even one of my head too and it came back fine. They gave me a holter monitor for 24 hours but in that 24 hours,I had no such episodes.
Finally, I got in to see my PCP and he immediately took me off the topamax (a drug commonly used for treatment of sezuires and migrains, and I had it for migraines)....
Since going off the topamax, I had no more of those heart racing issues and felt much better however....
I now get chest pains on the upper left side of my chest and frequent chest pressure in the center of my chest and sometimes, this just overwhelming "unwell" feeling that will last an entire day.... Its very scary and it makes me feel like at anytime, I am going to drop dead of a heart attack. My PCP ordered another ct scan and again, it came back fine, I also had another 24 holter done and again, it was fine.
I recently finally got in to see a cardiologist and he did an ultrasound of my chest, and I had a stress test done with cardiolite.... that came back fine according to my cardio doc with the exception of a small ischemia which is what the nurse told me over the phone before I went back to see the doc about the detailed results. Well when i went to see the cardio doc about the results, he said the "abnormality" or ischemia (which is what the nurse said over the phone)... looked like it was in the breast tissue and not heart related at all. He said the only other test left was a cath test but didnt seem to think it was neccessary however he scheduled one because I had told him I still was getting chest pressure almost on a daily basis.

So now im scared even more because could this be anxiety? I dont want to undergo an invasive test like a cath test if it isnt necessary.... I think the doc is doing it just to ease MY mind... but he seems to think Im fine. I dont know what to do and I am scared and sick of being so scared. I am now taking xanax on a daily basis which I had never had to do before and it does help to keep me calm and not to think about it but it doesnt relieve the pain i feel. If it was anxiety, wouldnt the xanax relieve me of this?
This has been going on for over 2 months now and I am sick of being sick and having a few days where I will feel pretty good and then sometimes an entire day where I cant even leave the house or do much of anything. I will get a complete feeling of unwell and uneasy and the whole day I will just be sitting on the couch pretty much afraid to move! Not to be gross, but sometimes, when these "episodes" happen, I will get an overwhelming feeling to go to the bathroom...
Not to mention that for like 2 months I have had diherra with blood in it. I am planning on going to a gastroendrologist (sp?) to have my stomach checked out for that...
Although the heart racing episodes have stopped since being off the one medication (and i have also stopped taking everything except for the chlorestorol med)... I still have pains and pressure everyday....
I just need some advice and help on what I should do. Should I have this cath test done?? It looks so scary and there are risks involved... please help! I cant take any more of this! I have a house cleaning business and I am losing money because I have had to cut out some clients since this started and some days I cant even go to work...
My email is ***@****

Any advice, thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!
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I am so glad I found this forum.  Everything I have been reading is all of the things I have been experiencing over the past few years.  I am 39 and actually ended up in the ER last night because of those PVC's.  I hate them..they are so uncomfortable and scary.  Of course by the time I got to the ER the PVC's had subsided and EKG showed nothing.  Blood work was fine.  All good news of course but I am left feeling frustrated scared and I know they will happen again.  I don't dring caffine, I drink little alcohol.  I cannot for the life of me figure out what brings them on.  I have made correlations myself to getting cold, being low on fluids, my birthcontrol pills, intestinal problems.  Sometimes I get them when I am squating down low picking up something.  Of course the doctors do not think any of these things cause the PVC's.  I have been through all the tests.  EKG's, stress tests, ultra sounds, blood work, holter monitor.  They have only caught an occassional random PVC.  However ther are times I have repeated ones, second after second.  Those are the scary ones when I feel like I cannot catch my breath.  But of course the doctors have never caught those on any test.  I do have anxiety issues at times and have had panic attacks occassionally.  But I can't seem to logically understand how anxiety can cause your heart to skip beats.  Palpitations maybe  but not the PVC thing.  I just had one as I was typing.  Mostly they come on when I am doing sedintary things.  I am curious about if there is a coorelation between them and breating. I tend to be a very shallow breather.  I also have low blood pressure.  I am jsut at my wits end!!!  I can't imaging dealing with this the rest of my life it is so debilitating!!
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glad i founnd this site, i thought i was alone.  my episodes started after i had a heat stroke back in 2000 when i was 25.  after being admitted to the er for what i thought was a heart attack, i found out that i was extremly dehydrated and almost bottomed out on potassium.  after being treated and released, i started having these pcs or skipped  or missed beats in my chest and i became aware of my heart beat.  having had a mild form of anxiety most of my life, this really freaked me out.  so right away i went to a cardiologist to be checked out.  after all the tests: blood, ekg's, ecoh's, stress, he told me that he could find nothing besides borderline hypertension.  so weeks go by and i am still feeling these abnormal beats in my chest and i go back, again for my own peace of mind i have him run the tests again.  again nothingm, he says it's normal and that some people are more aware of them than others.  to address my concerns he puts me on a halter monitor and i wear it for  24 hrs and have my episodes like clock work.  i wait a few days and he calls me with the results, he finds nothing abnormaly wrong and for me not to be concerned.  he also trys out some meds on me that might help with my bp and relieve some of the feelings of the palps.  the help out and after a few trys at differnt meds we came to a combo that helped out with my bp and kinda helped out with my palps.  but being the person that i am, i always worry and my anxiety level increases no matter how subttle the palps are and i get freaked out every time.  just recently in the last 2 years i have tried to get back into the swing of things and get this monkey off my back.  i really got out of shape because i wa s scared to do any of the things i use to enjoy doing.  and its a hard road back. i still have a ways to go to get back to my pre-palpation weight and tring to not worry or think about the next episode is nearly imposible and at times it seems i have more bad days than not, it is not nearly as bad as it once was. i have been living with this for almost 7 years and nearly let it get the better of me, i havent over come it though but i try.  so stay busy, keep your self active and maybe you won't have to waste years like i did.
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