heart rate of 102,while resting, dangerous?
by ruthie4207, Oct 05, 2010
is a heart beat of 102 per min. high, if resting?
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by ed34, Oct 05, 2010
Well, it would be worth having a few tests first to ensure there are no underlying causes, such as over active thyroid. An ECG would be a good test too.
Just for interest....
Newborn infants have heart rate 100-160
Children aged 1-10   70-120
Children over 10 and adults 60-100
Trained athletes 40-60

There are always exceptions to any general rule, so it could just be that your normal resting rate is that high. Things like caffeine will obviously raise it, but I'm sure you've thought of diet.
102 is not dangerous, I have a friend who has a resting heart rate of 104, and Cardiologists have run all the tests under the sun but can find no cause. He is healthy and fit, so they aren't worried.
Are you on any kind of medication?
by kenkeith, Oct 05, 2010
A resting heart rate above 100  sustained for long intervals and increased frequency  indicates the heart is over compensating for some system deficiency. If the underlying cause is not effectively treated, the result can be hypercardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) over a period of time.  

A good exercise regimen has benefical effect of increasing the heart's size and reducing the resting heart rate.  But a pathological increase of heart rate increases the heart size detrimently over a period of time...different effect on heart cells than an athlete's heart cells.

As stated an occassional faster than normal HR may be just compensatory for ocassional  stressful situations, etc. and even that should be treated if HR is sustained and/or frequent...high blood pressure and can also represent over-compensation.

Are you taking medication? Has your doctor expressed an opinion for the high resting rate? Do you have good exercise tolerance? ...Asthma, anemia, hyperthyroidism?

Thank you for your question and sharing your experience.  If you have any followup questions, you are welcome to respond. Take care.

by Goldy011983, Oct 05, 2010
Not to worry about   try laughter therapy    my hr came down to range of 60-65 within 1 month from 110   pls try this take stop watch  go to spme place where u r alone        now laugh loudly for  no reason   just laugh for 5 full minutes     u will feel like u have done some aerobic exercise for half an hour             do this laughter exercise(5 min each) 4 to 5 times per day     after a month or so heart will catch its natural rytheme
by kenkeith, Oct 05, 2010
I'd rather have a high heart rate than go through what is suggested.
by aylish28, Oct 07, 2010
could be anxiety   but you should have the standard tests to be certain request ecg  holter monitor for 24 hours and full blood work up
by kenkeith, Oct 07, 2010
QUOTE: "Not to worry about   try laughter therapy...."

>>>>If there is any validity to the exercise it could be that system in question has a hypoxia condition (low oxygen level in heart cells) and the exercise is able to increase the oxygen level within the heart cells!?
by Prati_123, Feb 26, 2014
thanks for making the statement that having 104 as basal pulse rate is normal...my  basal is 104 and i m fit  n fine...besides my BP is also normal....!