how fast does your heart rate have to be to consider dangerous
by sher053086, Jan 31, 2007
how fast does your heart rate have to be to be very dangerous? is 120 very dangerous heart beat? what about 154? thats the fastest mine has got! How fast does your heart have to be before you have a heart attack? ive seen some one with a heart rate of 280bpm it was just a little boy and he was born with the heart problem and they had to put him on a betta blocker.
my heart rate has beening staying high for about a month now my holter moniter said 57-154bpm im gussing it was 57bpm when i was sleeping. if you had a heart proublem with your heart beating fast wouldnt it beat fast while you were sleeping? the docter told me that my heart rate proble isnt staying high as long as i think it is or i would be getting dizzy which i dont sensitive to light and sound which im not, faint and trouble breathing which i dont. what do you think about this i could use all the information i could get im scared to death im only 20 years old. also wouldnt i have other proublems other than just having a fast heart rate, like the ones i talked about above.
thanks in advance .
i can use all the information i can get so if you know anything about this please let me know
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by momto3girls, Jan 31, 2007
Hi there,

Oh honey, you sound so scared.  Try to relax a bit.  My heart does race too...before I started my beta blocker it would go into the 180's.  I went to a cardiologist and they had me wear a holter monitor too.  They saw my fast heart rate and said it wasn't a big deal.  I also had slow heart rates while sleeping as well, down to 50 bpm.  The beta blocker has helped but the thing that helped the most was not being fearful and anxious about it.  When I was, my heart would really race.  

Did your doctor say anything else about your holter?  Did they say your heart is in sinus rhythm and you just have tachycardia or how long it was lasting?  I know for me, when my heart rate stays high like that, I feel lousy.  I feel very jittery and shaky too.

Some people on this forum have said their hearts can race up to 200 when they're anxious.  I would go back to see your doctor and tell them how you're feeling.  Hang in there!  Take care and best wishes (:

by Buaidh No Bas, Jan 31, 2007
You don't have to answer any of these questions in the forum, they are just for you to think about...

First off,do you do any recreational drugs?
If you do, and they're heavy duty ones (ie, coke, etc.) stop 'em.

Secondly, how big are you?
The smaller you are, the faster your heart beats (generally speaking).

Third, what are you doing when your heart beat 'races'?
Are you partaking in physical activity, or are you just sitting around, doing nothing? Obviously, if you're active, then the faster pulse would make sense.
If you're sitting around, are you just sitting there thinking about your heart rate? If so, you could be "psyching yourself out" and causing yourself so much anxiety that you're causing the very symptom you're stressing over.

If none of the above pertains to you, go get thoroughly checked out by a cardiologist, if you are truly concerned enough and think there is something wrong (ECG, ECHO).

Hope that helps.

by sher053086, Feb 01, 2007
thank you such much for your advice. you sound like a very prod mom and a very good person i really think you for your post it mint a lot to me.  i would like to know more about your problem like when did it start what brought it on and etc. i can maybe relate to you and you can help me understand this better. you should like a caring person and like you would be willing to help. i can use all the info i can get so if you dont care please let me know everything about what you went through.
im only 20 years old and weigh 125 pounds and im 5'7 my cardiologist told me i could handle my heart beating this fast because i am so young and it would not hurt me. as long as there wasnt anything wrong with my heart that is causing it to beat fast. i get a echo on feb 5th. wish me luck. was there anything wrong with your heart? if so what? the ekg they gave me said sinus tachcardia and possible left atrial enlargement. that was from the er. when i went to the cardiologist he gave me another ekg and never said anything about the left atrial enlargment so maybe it was just a assumpton on the first on and was wrong.
thank you so much for your time and your kindness
by sher053086, Feb 01, 2007
no i do not use cocaine or any uppers or anything like that. but i was in a car reck in 2004 and they put me on oxy cautin for the pain i was on it for like 6 months and they had to tapper me off of it. after they tappered me off of it my heart has been beating fast ever since then for like a month and a half. and i take tramadol for my pain if it is severe and when i take it my heart rate slows down to normal, and if it gets really bad i will take one of my hydrocodone which also do the same thing. so i dont know. i think that has something to do with all of this. my cardioligts laughted at me when i told him i thought that, he said pills doesnt hurt your heart. i dont know what do you think? i am 20 years old weigh 125 pounds and i am 5'7 so litter people have faster heart rates?
thanks in advance
i can use all the help i can get when it comes to your heart its pritty scary.
by momto3girls, Feb 01, 2007
Hi there Sher,

Oh, I really feel for you, you poor thing.  It's very upsetting when your heart races, isn't it.  I know this myself!  Can I ask you what you feel like when it's racing?  I think it's a great idea to get an echo done.  That'll give you some peace of mind!  I have had echo's done as well, all normal results.  There is nothing structurally wrong with my heart and goodness knows I've had more than enough tests to show it!  I've been having heart skips for more than 10 years and the racing has been going on about 3 1/2 years.  Mine started out as a postpartum thyroid issue that cleared up on it's own.  I still have occassional racing and my cardiologist started me on a beta blocker I think so I would stop bothering him (:  The beta blocker works well.  When I do have the racing, I try to take lots of deep breaths and relax.  If I get anxious about it, then it goes even faster.  Anxiety is a strange thing, isn't it?  I'd never in my life believe that it could cause such high heart rates until I went to the ER and they said it was 170 and when I calmed down, it went right down.  Weird how the body works, huh?  

So, your ekg at the ER said one thing and the one at the cardiologist said another?  Did you ask your cardiologist if he saw the left atrial enlargement?  Did you tell him all the different medicine you take for pain, etc?  Did he run any bloodwork on you, to check your thyroid, etc?

The good news is that you're very young and I would guess very healthy.  I'd try to remain calm (I know how hard it is though firsthand!) and get your echo done.  That should give you more reassurance.  The bottom line though is if you feel like something is wrong, talk to your doctor.  Don't let him dismiss what you're feeling because you're only 20.  Tell him how you're feeling and that you need his help.  Any doctor worth his paycheck should show some compassion and help you sort this out.  

I wish you the best of luck and good health (:  Try to keep your chin up and let your doctor know how you feel.  Best wishes (:

by sb786, Feb 01, 2007
My heart rate goes down to 40 bpm when i'm sleeping, my resting heart rate is usually 50-55 bpm and my cardiologist thinks say that is good. However I have SVT and it can easily go upto 200 bpm during an attack but sometimes anxiety alone makes it beat at about 180 bpm when i am not having a svt attack!!
by Buaidh No Bas, Feb 02, 2007
First off, in my opinion, a doctor should never laugh at a patient when they come to him or her with a genuine concern, no matter how "silly" it may seem to the doctor. Did you feel the laugh was condescending (did it seem like he/she was laughing AT you for your concern?) If so, my first suggestion would be to get a new cardiologist (if possible, I know it's easier to say than do, sometimes).

Secondly, and this really ties into the first point, no one can unequivocally  state that a pill will not react to someone in a certain way. While it may be unheard of prior to your symptom, to out-and-out dismiss it is irresponsible.

Yes, in general smaller people have quicker heart beats than larger people. This is not to say you should not necessarily be concerned, if it is completely new to you (which it sounds like it is) then you are definitely correct in at least attempting to get it checked out.

I understand that new symptoms that are seemingly cardiac related can definitely be scary, but as stated in my last post, you want to try and make sure you're not just causing your own faster heart beat by 'freaking yourself out' over something that might not be anything to worry about. Just make sure you get thoroughly checked out, and that you feel comfortable with the responses you get from your doctors, even if they tell you it's nothing. Make sure it feels right in your gut when they say that to you. If it doesn't don't be afraid to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion, just don't go overboard. if 2 or 3 docs tell you the same thing, you likely are fine.

Best of luck,

by marcb, Feb 04, 2007
like a bag of dirt.

I recently switched cardiologists, as my last one never wanted to take the time to answer all my questions, and he felt my problem was no big deal. Considering all he sees daily, my condition may not be a big deal to him, but to me, it is!

My new cardiologist is fantastic; he takes the necessary time to ensure all my questions are answered. I feel 100% comfortable with him.

Any doctor that laughs at you is not very good in my opinion, and I would seek one that you are totally comfortable with.

by elisemaree, Aug 13, 2008
hey guys im 18 and my heart is racing too - not all that bad, around 160 - 170 but rarely goes below 130. i'm getting my holter monitor on in a couple of days but the ecg showed some irregularities that are being checked out. The main problem with me is that i get these anxiety attacks that appear to be purely physical. I am an exceedingly calm, laid back person but i get these attacks where i have a funny feeling in my chest and my heart goes crazy to the point where i have difficulty breathing. I am not sure what my HR goes up to during these attacks but it feels pretty fast. I also have a lot of difficulty even jogging where at the gym my HR went up to 240 after just a couple of mins of jogging at 9km/h.  The doctor thinks i may have a tumor on my adrenal glands.  have any of you ever experienced anything like this before? im not overly concerned, just wondering.

thanks :) sorry that was an overly long post.