left side of heart is enlarged
by dianaS, Mar 13, 2008
I am 33,

I started developing pain in my chest on the left side. I had it for a day and it didn't go away. Next day I went for EKG and my doctor told me that left side of heart is enlarged. She didn't tell me much what it means and told me to go for ultrasound in 1 week. I don't have pain anymore but discomfort.
What exactly does it mean? Is it some kind of decease, should I go to cardiologist? Is it ok to wait for a week for a test?
I feel kind of weak and so hot. Usually I am cold and now I feel so much heat in my body. Could it be related to heart condition?

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by kenkeith, Mar 13, 2008
An EKG is not a very good source for determining heart wall diminisions and requires other clinical evidence, signs and symptoms. An echo is helpful to determine any abnormal sized heart wall, impaired contractions, and blood flow through the heart and whether there is any heart valvel insufficiency (leakage, back flow).

I'm surprised there were no x-rays to support an enlarged heart.

An enlarged left ventricle of the heart can be the result of heart muscle disease caused by medication, drugs, alcohol, idiopathic (cause unknown).  Or the heart chamber can be dilated to compensate for inefficient functionality.  Often the underlying cause can be treated and the heart returns to normal size and sometimes in returns to normal size without treatment.  

I don't want to unnecessarily alarm you, but having a heart event can cause sweating, feeling weak and cold feeling can be the result low cardiac output (poor circulation). Or there can be a number of other reasons so don't be overly concerned.  

Your doctor should have been more informative that to just say you have an enlarged heart!  He/she doesn't sound very concerned!  To take an X-ray would be the proper protocol if an enlarged heart is suspected?!  It is recommended to have immediate medical attention if there are chest pains...and that with an enlarged heart is another factor to consider?  You should see a cardiologist.

by rubyrussell, Mar 23, 2008
go to cardiologist with an enlarged heart something serious is going on
by elysim82, Feb 20, 2013
My Dr just told me my 4 yr old daughters left side of the heart is enlarged, I'm scared, I'm an emotional wreck. He too didn't tell me much about it. She goes tomorrow for echocardiogram and blood work, and has to see cardiologist. I can't find to much info on children and everything I'm reading scares me more.