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mitral valve prolapse and holter report
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mitral valve prolapse and holter report

Hi! I am a 26 year old female with mild mvp with trivial mitral regurgitation. I found this out after an echo done over the summer. I only got test done after I went several times and finaly demanded something because all my PCP would say was anxiety! I have still been obsessing that there could still be a problem with my heart so 2 weeks ago I had a holter test done. My PCP sent a letter sayiny the results are normal but I asked for the actual report from the cardio. and this is where my ?'s come in! The report was as follows!

Total QRS Complexes  123949 Ventricular Ectopics  141 (<1%)
Supraventricular Ectopics 1464 (1%)  
Heart Rate min: 54 bpm (while sleeping) max: 207 bpm (playing with dog) Avg: 88 bpm  Rate >= 120 bpm for 3 hours 19 minutes
Rate <= 50 bpm for 0 hours 0 minutes 0 pauses

Ventricular events Isolateds: 122 In Bigeminal Cycles: 0
Couplets: 8 (but has line through it) Runs: 1 ( has line through it)

Supraventricular Events Isolateds: 315 Couplets: 392
Runs: 93  Longest 8 beats,194 bpm  Fastest 3 beats, 250 bpm
Slowest 3 beats, 92 bpm
ST Depression CH1: 0 episodes CH2: 0 episodes
ST Elevation CH1: 0 episodes CH2: 0 episodes
Interpretation:  The rhythem is sinus throughout the 24 hrs. The average heart rate is 88 BPM. The maximum heart rate is 120 BPM. Rare PAC is present. No ventricular ectopy is identifeied. Patient complained of "flutters", at which time sinus tachycardia is present.

I just wanted to know what all of this means & does it show any problem? No heart problems at all in my family on either side. Im 5'4 and only weigh 110 lbs
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It all looks pretty normal to me (bear in mind I'm not a doctor) because all I'm seeing are some PACs, PVCs and some sinus tachycardia on your report.  That happens to pretty much all normal people, most just are fortunate enough not to notice it.  Bigeminy, couplets - that's just multiple PACs or PVCs.  Still normal in light of the rest of your normal workup.  Your rates seem perfectly acceptable.  When ectopic beats account for 1% or less of your total heartbeats, most doctors won't even flinch.  You look healthy by that report :)

Mild MVP is fairly common and certainly nothing to lose any sleep over.  They usually repeat the echo annually to watch it.
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