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mv and tr insufficiency
I am a runner, have run a number of marathons.  I am 43 yo 5’6”.   In 2003 my physician suggested an echo prior to training for boston marathon, as I was having mild symptoms and had a history of MVP (from childhood).

I moved and began having shortness of breath during training.  I called the facility that did the echo, and it turns out the test results were never sent to my doctor.  Oops!  Since then, the pressure in chest and breathing has been getting worse.  There are times I have stopped running all together.  My doctor has also indicated that I have some issues with asthma/copd, he tells me he is unable to determine if my breathing difficulties are related to my heart.  The question(s) that I would love to have answered are: what is causing my problem with breathing/ pressure/ tingling; is it safe to train (marathon) at a higher intensity, what is causing the heart situation and will it worsen?

Here are some abbreviated test results:

In 2003 (during training for marathon):
Grade 3 (moderate / severe tricuspid insufficiency)
Left Atrium mildly enlarged
Right Atrium moderately enlarged
Trivial to mild MR
Borderline MVP

Diagnosis – valvular disease

In 2005 (not training or running)
Moderate tricuspid insufficiency
Mild mitral insufficiency

In 2009 (just prior to training)
Mild to moderate mitral regurgitation
Moderate Tricuspid Regurgitation
Borderline Pulmonary Hypertension
Right atrial enlargement
Left atrial size upper limits

In addition, spirometry test in 2010:
  Pre- 47% fvc and 59 % fev1
  Post – up 12%

My usual peak flow is around 300.  

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