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random chest pain
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random chest pain

Don tknow if anyone else has similar type of thing.  Have been having what feels like heart pains for over a year now.  they are pretty random. some days its a stabbing pain aother days a more buring pain.  can occur at any time.  have been woken up with pain and other times its there while im working.  i do very physical work which does not seem to cause any pain per se.  the pains seem completely random and can occur at any time.  some days are worse than others. i get pains down my left arm either in my bicep, elbow, wrist and even in the fingers.  occasionally there is a 'heavy' feeling in my lrft arm.  the pain in the chest itself seems to move around.  some days it feels to me as if its in the heart itself and other days the pain seems to be between the shoulder blades of under the left shoulder blade.  have also had pain lower down my left side under the ribs.

of course when you get the pains you automatically think that you are having a heart attack and invariably a panic attack follows.  on two occasions the panic hass been so bad that i have gone into the er thinking i was dying.  

have had ECG (and Stress ECG) and they say all fine.  was back with cardiologist this past week and he says based on the atest ECG i may have pre-excitation syndrome.  he cant be sure yet i will have to go in for another test in a few days.  my question is even though this may be the case is this condition responsible for all that pain??  I know someone with the condition and theydont have any of the pain.

The lastest thing that i am being told is that its all panic/anxiety related anf that i need to try relaxation techniques.  what they (doctors) are not hearing is that I have a panic attack because i am getting the pain and not getting the pain because i am having a panic attack!!!!

I am a 31yr old male. reasonably fit. non smoker (though i did for several years) and drink only occasionally.

Is any one else in the same boat??

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Well, I'm 19 years old and I'm getting the pains as I type right this second.
My whole left arm feels numb and my chest feels light it has a belt around it and it's squeezing... I'm getting a constant pain this time, instead of intense sudden pains that I also experience.  I feel weak, and there's randomly striking pains if I move suddenly or breathe heavily and etc. I've never smoked cigarette's in my life, I'm reasonably fit and from what I know, have no heart issues.
I also have had these panic attacks when I'm experiencing the really intense pains, I shake, and get a cold sweat. I've also ended up in the ER, thinking I was having a heart attack or something... I've had these pains off and on the best part of my life, I wish there was something I could take to prevent these or stop the pain immediately! It's holding me back from enjoying life to the fullest, petrifies me; I'd give anything for it to be gone.
It's safe to say, I know how you're feeling man. I'm sorry that you have to go through with it all as well.
note:  mind my spelling, I can't think properly right now; I'm in a considerable amount of pain...
Heya timmy69

Yea its really ****.  well havr since had another test for pre excitation syndrome and surprise its negative so they have given me the all clear on the heart!!!  Had another severe panic attack (for no good reason) and ended up at the ER again thinking it was a heart attack.  Finally found a doctor that would listen to me and he has put me on losec pills for acid reflux (they are working wonders) and has put me on citalopram (think thtas the spelling)  to help manage the anxiety.  it has made a big difference.  maybe ask your doctor if thats right for you.

The latest news is that they suspect an ulcer so will be having a gastroscopy some time in the next few weeks to confirm.  I must say thoiugh that since i have started these pills i do feel better and that the chest pain has diminished although not gone altogether.

any news on your condition?  

its probably easier to e-mail than use this forum as i dont get here that often but check email daily.



Heya Frosty.

That's great to hear that the pains are diminishing down for you! I should really consider asking my Doctor about that and see if I can get on the medication that you're on too.

I myself also have acid-reflux, so maybe that's our problem? It's somehow related to the acid-ref thing and causing some strange pains in our chest/body? Or something...

I haven't been in recently to see anyone, so nothing new here, just the same old pains.

I use my emails a LOT, but for some reasons it blocked our your address and put a bunch of ***@**** asterisk things. Maybe if you put a space between each letter or something? I'll try typing mine out and maybe you could email me that way.

1st attempt: ***@****
2nd attempt(using spaces): t i m s c h a t t e n @ g m a i l . c o m

-hopefully that worked!   haha.

best of luck - keep in touch.
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