rust colored fingers under skin
by Danielt38, May 27, 2008
I have alot of heart disease in my family no one has passed the age of 50 but my uncle and he had 3 heart attacks just months after turning 51. Anyway on to my question.....about a week ago my fingers started having spots on them under the skin that look like "rust/ dry blood"..... it is on all of my fingers.....today at work the nurse checked my blood pressure it was 164 over 98 ....she also said my legs hands and feet are swollen....... I showed her my hands but she said she has never seen anything like it....someone told me that the stuff on my hands could be a sign of heart trouble of some kind could that be true any idea of what it could be and is my blood pressure something to be concerned about it goes up hi and then goes back to be normal my blood pressure has done this for the past year also my heart beat stays very low like in the 40's?? ANY IDEAS
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by ireneo, May 27, 2008
Have you looked into Schamberg's disease? It's a slight leakage of the vessels under the skin that can cause the spots. Sounds like there's some itching along with it in some cases.
by Danielt38, May 28, 2008
No I haven't checked into anything yet...... there is no other symptoms with what is going on in my fingers...but thanks I will look into Schamberg's disease.