the dye used in heart caths
by esscst, Apr 19, 2009
my mother is 73 and just had a heart attack. A heart cath has been ordered for tomorrow and I was told that with her low kidney function the dye could cause her kidneys to fail? is this true?
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by kenkeith, Apr 19, 2009
Complications from the cath procedure are rare. The risk of death is very low. People with diabetes or kidney disease may be at higher risk for kidney damage from the dye.
by Flycaster305, Apr 19, 2009
Your mom will be encouraged to drink a lot of water afterwards, and will probably have an aggressive drip going, and I'm sure her kidney function will be carefully monitored.  
by sukumar794, Apr 20, 2009
My cardiologist has also discouraged my plea for a heart cath on the ground that the dye would not be well tolerated.
by Jo846, Apr 20, 2009
I have diabetes.  The last 3 times the dye was used - even with preparation beforehand - really messed up my kidneys.  Had to stay in the hospital a few days longer to get the numbers down for the kidney. Otherwise no issues.
by monica801, Sep 16, 2010
Hi, I am a 39 yr old woman, was told I had a tricuspid valve prolapse when I was 18,..recently with an event monitor I was found to have extra beats, missing beats, and a bit fast at times, my normal is 60 beats a min with blood pressure usually not over 110, but durring this monitoring I had an eppisode of going up to 265 beats,.they refer to it as RVOT VT..so they said I need an ablation epstudy....I just saw on the web that they use dye,...20 years ago I had a bad reaction to IVP dye durring a test on my kidneys...now what?
by cgpman, Oct 14, 2010
My mom had a heart attack 3 months ago. She is 72. She is allergic to the dye but they gave it to her to do a cath and now she is on dialysis and having pain with each treatmen. Her treatments are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings.
  I don't think it is right for my mom to suffer for someone else's mistake.
by stevier1109, Apr 01, 2011
my husband needs a 3rd lead put into his pacemaker/defrib, they say the dye they will use can destroy his kidneys, what is the worse case if it does, and can the kidneys be coreected?
by ed34, Apr 01, 2011
I've had lots of caths now, never had a problem, I'm 50. I am always instructed to drink LOTS of water after to get the dye filtered out.