what is a normal ejection fraction/LVH
by tickertock, Sep 16, 2005

Thanks for taking my question. I am a bit confused as to what most cardiologist consider a normal ejection fraction, I have seen conflicting numbers though the difference being very small.

I have seen 50-70% as normal , then 55-75% as normal. What numbers or % do CCF use? Would you consider an EF of 50% and over normal?

  The reason I ask my last echo 2 months ago on the printout it showed an Ef of 53%, yet in the doctors office he said my EF was actually 55-60%, when I received a copy of the echo report it said 53%, I called and asked him about the difference in the printout and what he told me, he said my Ef was what he told me 55-60% and the number on the printout was of no significance, that I had no signs of cardiomyopathy. Even if my Ef 53% , would you still consider that normal? From what i gather most centers and cardiologist consider 50% and above normal, though I seen guidelines with the low being 55%, this is confusing,I just some clarification.

My EF 5 years was 65-70%, I understand it can vary, he told me that time I was more nervous and that my heart was a bit hyperkinetic then, Would you agree that increased anxiety with your heart punding harder , even if no that much faster can increase your EF?

I was told 5 years ago I had borderline hypertrophy at 12mm interventricular septum, now the printout shows 14mm, he told me my hypertrophy was mild, this was the only thing that was out of range on my echo, all other measurements was normal. I do push ups regularly to keep my back straight because of a CTD I have, Would this cause mild LVH? Thanx
by CCF-M.D.-MJM, Sep 16, 2005
Hi Tickertock,

Thanks for the post.  Don't get too hung up on a number -- they are just numbers.  I could look at an echo and call it 55% and the doctor next to me could say 50% or  60%.  When we quote ejection fraction we usually have the caveat +/- 5% after it.

We would call 50% low normal.  I would not worry about this.

Would you agree that increased anxiety with your heart punding harder , even if no that much faster can increase your EF?

yes, I would agree.

I do push ups regularly to keep my back straight because of a CTD I have, Would this cause mild LVH?

Push ups are not causing your LVH.  Although I am bigger advocate of aerobic exercise, a good mix of strength and aerobic training is a good thing.

I hope this helps.

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by marching on, Sep 16, 2005
Hi.  Good question.  I've only had one echo in my lifetime and my EF was 45%.  Iwas told it was alittle below average for a 36 year old but okay.  But since I've been reading on this forum, I'm wondering.  In either case I'm having another echo in a couple of months because of high BP and a new sound (murmur?)that they picked up.

Do EF's typically go up or down as you age?  Would you know?

marching on
by Poli3, Sep 16, 2005
I was told I had indications of LVH about a year ago,and Had probablyhad this condition 15 monts or more.

it was just diagnosed by an EKG,and I have had no other tests,so don't know what is happening.I am on meds for high blood pressure,but that is about all.

I have never been able to find out what the symptoms of LVH are?

I don't feel any different than before the doctor told me.

Should I ask or insist on a echo to find out about this ejection fraction?

Thanks all
by tickertock, Sep 16, 2005
EKGs are not accurate for detecting LVH, they can give false positives, the echocardiogram is the gold standard for detecting LVH. If you really want to know have an echo , it can give you the dimensions of heart fairly accurately, your EF, and condition of your heart valves. Good luck.
by long, Sep 17, 2005
Does anyone know what is the best EF% in men?
by tickertock, Sep 17, 2005

That's a good one , I have seen articles that states a man's EF should be higher than a woman's, then I have read the opposite that women EF should be slightly higher than men, from what i gather this is pure theory and speculation for the most part and that whether a man or woman once your EF falls within  within the normal range it really doesn't matter. I am not a medical doctor this is my understanding only.
by Poli3, Sep 17, 2005

Well, thank you everyone for your comments.

I asked my doctor about getting an echo,and he said that they only do them if they can't get blood pressure under control.

he said that the EKG indicated I had evidence of LVH, because he had it read by a cardiologist.

So, maybe I will get another opinion now.

I don't understand this line of reasoning on his part at all.

Thanks again.