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I am curious about the connection between the possible damge to the v...
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I am curious about the connection between the possible damge to the vagus, my surgery and mt atrial fib? Thank you.

I had gall bladder surgery in 2000 and within a year I developed atrial fibrillation.  I am reading that the vagus nerve runs across the stomach and ennervates it.  Is there any way that my vagus nerve could have been damaged during the laproscopic gall bladder surgery.  I have some GERD and they say I have asthmas but have never had an attack. I also have chronic rhinitis.  All these things seem to be related. I am curious about the connection between the possible damge to the vagus nerve during my surgery, GErd and what appears to be "asthma and  the subsequent atrial fib?  More importan, if there are sao many people in this country dying of heart related issues, then why has there not been more research on these connections to the vagus nerve.  There seem to be no tests or medications for what seems to be a common problem.  Thank you.
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There is not a firm, data driven answer to that question.  Whether vagal nerve injury during a GI surgery could lead to atrial fibrillation has not been studied and would be a difficult to do.  In general, injury to nerves are slow to regenerate or do not regenerate.  There is a lot of research about nerve injury and regeneration.  I agree that there might be a possible connection, but that is the best answer that I think you can have with our current knowledge.

I hope this helps.
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