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intermittent irregular heartbeat
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intermittent irregular heartbeat


I'm still waiting for a response from the Doctor so I've decided to post it on this forum.

I am a thirty eight year old male, overweight (6ft /116kg) & suffer from hypertension. I have recently been recording my blood pressure at home and it is usually fine, however whenever I go to the doctors it's always elevated. the only medication that I am taking is Micardis 40mg & Cartia. I have only recently stopped smoking and am determined to get my life into shape.

One year ago I began to suffer from Ectopic heartbeats. I was referred to have both an ECG & Cardio Ehco, both of which detected no abnormalities and I was given the all clear.

One week ago I began to feel a mild dull ache in my left arm, this was not as a result of exertion. Since then, the ache has been occurring intermittently and in different parts (shoulder, forearm etc) of my arm. I have not experienced chest pain or any other symptoms.

I went to my doctor who suspected that it was nothing, but nevertheless advised that I go for an ECG and blood tests. I had my ECG today and the nurse noticed that I had an 'intermittent irregular heartbeat'. I won't be getting my results back for a week so I am somewhat concerned.

My questions are

- Could there be a link between the ache in my left arm and my 'intermittent irregular heartbeat'?

- Could the 'intermittent irregular heartbeat' that was picked up on the ECG be benign ectopic beats?

- How worried should I be? I have a 3 year old son and another baby on the way, so I am even more concerned      about my health.

I understand that without my results it's difficult to provide an accurate diagnosis, however any advise anyone could provide me with would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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I am certain they would not have sent you home if there was a problem.  I went in for an ekg while trying new meds and the tech told me this.  She said they are trained to recognize serious problems and to keep you there until a cardiologist can read it.  If they let you go, in my opinion you are not in trouble.  If your conditions worsens, of course seek medical help.  Just my thoughts.  Let us know what you find out.  Good luck to you.  
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