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2 negative EP Study and no help
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2 negative EP Study and no help

I have 2 EP Study one normal study one very envasive and no results to help find where my problem is. I'm 29 yrs old and a mother of 3 I had no problems until after the birth of my youngest. I have some elevated heart arrthimic issues on and off since the pregnancy of my first son in 2003... but about 1 and half after the c-section of my youngest. I know have heart problems. I've been told I have SVT but then they decieded it was AFIB and now they said it is Aterial Tacchacardia. I just went threw a really rough EP Study and now it seems all the doctors have done is make me worse. I keep explaining my heart stays in between 52-101 before I eat anything but afterwards even while resting it's about 110-160 I don't know why it gets worse after I eat and I keep telling doctors this and they look at me like I'm crazy...Anyone have something similar? or know a good doctor that excepts patients with none to low income...cause I spent my saving funds going to doctors and still no help. I've seen Dr. Seide in Daytona Beach, FL and Dr. Hsu in Jacksonville,FL I am about 20 min. drive from Daytona Beach. Please can someone help me, this is destroying my life and my marriage.
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Sorry to read of your difficulty, being a mother takes a lot and having health issues makes it even harder.

You didn't mention any effort to protect against clots.  I am only suggesting that atrial tachycardia may increase the risk of blood clot formation, as is the case with atrial fibrillation... fibrillation, roughly speaking, high speed tachycardia, that is the chamber is quivering, not pumping.  This is a condition I have, and many not be a problem for you at your young age.  Still, if you can take an aspirin a day, best to get  doctor's approval before taking it long term, it will lower the risk of clot formation.

Now that isn't much help, but it is a start.

If you resting heart rate is over 100 something may need to be done to lower the heart rate.  A simple generic beta blocker such as metoprolol (one of the $10 drugs at Walmart, and elsewhere) can be prescribed to lower the heart rate, it will also lower blood pressure, so one has to watch for that, and that is easy and free to check at most pharmacies.

In any case, you'd need a prescription from a doctor, perhaps you have a health clinic that can prescribe the medication for you...as said, the cost of the generic, which is what I take, is very low, unlike some medications that are still patent protected drugs.

I'd like to delete you second post with the same subject as this one, and I it is still up tomorrow and I remember I will plan to remove the second post unless you get some responses there too.

Wishing you a good and happy outcome.
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