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22 year old male heart problems. [ Some Days ]
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22 year old male heart problems. [ Some Days ]

Hello im 22 years old and fairly fit, I do quite alot of heavy lifing as im a removals man and try to run most nights as im slighty over weight im and 15stone and 5.9.

I eat a fair good diet cook 95% of my own food from scratch so i can control what im eating.

[THE PROBLEM]  It started maybe 12months ago i get very erratic heart beat im not sure weather its missing a beat or adding a beat to manty but i am very aware of 1 beat in so many i can feel my heart for 1 random beat and this can happen every 30 beats to every 500 beats.

Some days its 100% Fine no problems at all and some days it does it like 4  - 7 times a min.
when it happens its quite scary actually.

I did go to my docters but on the day it was fine "typical"  But he really checked me over and said i have no problems.
I did cut out all tea coffee fizzy drinks ect for maybe 3 months and didnt make any difference.

Its really random and i just wanna get to the bottom of it because its not right.
Any help would be amazing thanks alot.

This discussion is related to arythmias  from stress and smoking at 31.
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Forgot to say i dont smoke been quit for 12months no drugs bar alcohol maybe 2 - -3 times a week MAX beer normally 4 -5 cans not sure in units. Thanks
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It would be a guessing game for anyone to determine what happening without seeing it occur on an EKG, event monitor, or holter monitor.

If I was forced to guess what's going on I'd say PVCs or PACs.

You can do more research on these to see if it's a fit for what you feel, but you should always consult your doctor with symtoms (symptoms) and questions too.
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