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Anti-arrhythmic for PVC's?
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Anti-arrhythmic for PVC's?

Do you take an anti-arrhythmic for treatment of PVC's?
Yes, Class I (flecainide, propafenone)
Yes, Class III (amiodarone, sotalol, tykosin)
Yes, Other (excluding beta and calcium blockers)
No way
14 Members voted
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That's a tough survey to draw any conclusions from.

If someone's got frequent/grouped/malignant PVCs they have to try something.  

On the other side of the coin, if they've got isolated infrequent PVCs meds are probably worse than the PVCs, even BBs and CCBs can be hit or miss, which are considered antiarrhythmics BTW (Class II and IV respectively).
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The conclusions are not scientific, and are looking more for case studies.  As you say there are a group of people who do take anti-arryhthmics for PVC's for the exact reasons you mentioned.  These would be the people who would answer yes to question one or two.  The people with isolated, less serious PVC's couldn't get prescribed these drugs unless they had a horrible doctor or were to try and buy them on the street.  This survey helps one to see what people are taking in that case beyond the normal BB and CCB's.  I have a feeling that there are a lot of people who take Class I drugs.   In fact several doctors I have spoken to prescribe them often. However it's hard to find these people to hear experiences.
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I have a fair number of PVCs a day (about 8000 on average). But I don't feel them except at night, if I recline or sleep on  my left side. I could take metoprolol, but chose not to, at least for now. Beta blockers ( which I've tried before for headache) made my pulse and blood pressure quite low and I felt awful. I'll take them if I ever need to, but I'd rather not.  I also have GERD, and beta blockers can really make GERD sufferers miserable.
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