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Are my PVCS, and Wide Complex Tachycardia dangerous?
Hi everyone,heres the short story. I am 17/m/ 5'6 and 140 pounds. I was athletic for the first 15 years of my life. I played baseball and football until summer of 2009. In the summer of 09 I began training heavily because I made varsity as a freshman in high school for baseball. This is when all of my problems started. While I exercised hard, my diet was full of caffeine and horrible foods I did not sleep much, and my mother and father both smoked cigarettes regularly around me both at home and in the car. I began having symptoms while at rest in class one day, it started with shortness of breath and fatigue, no chest pain or anything really. These episodes generally lasted a minute or two and happened maybe twice a week, and exercising seemed to relieve my symptoms only to reoccur once I was at rest. My mother finally agreed to take me to the ER where the doc discovered a murmur. He scared me and was not able to tell me much and referred me to a cardiologist. I traveled to my grandparents because it is safer, calmer, and with better doctors. My grandma, who is a nurse got me into a great cardio doctor in no time and he said I have extremely mild mitral valve reguration, and a few PVCs he said absolutely nothing to worry about and adviced that I should continue working out, well that was a year and a half ago now, and my problems have gone way down hill quick. When I was diagnosed with these issues almost 2 years ago i moved in with my grandparents got away from the stresses of my parents (they had drinking problems and were going through a divorce) I got away from there cigarette smoke and I stopped drinking caffiene and eating poorly. I excersided and tried to continue to play baseball, my symptoms got worse and I was forced to quit sports and lost my exercise tolerance. About 8 months ago I went to my cardiologist and he saw an elevated level of frequency with my PVCS he still thought it was nothing to worry about but sent me to an EP where he diagnosed me with Orthostatic Intolerance, my symptoms still did not go away with medication. So back to the EP I went he just put me on a 30 day monitor, i am 3 weeks into the monitor. It has shown frequent pvcs, and Wide Complex Tachycardia, lasting 4 beats, 6 beats, 10 beats, and 8 beats. I spoke with my doctor and he keeps telling me that what I have is not at all life threatening, and said he understands my frustration with the symptoms, but with me Structurally sound heart I have nothing to worry about! He wants me to come in for a tilt table test, and says that after this he will give me medication to make me feel much much better, as if it will cure my problems. I am so scarred and I read that wide-complex tachy is almost always vtach, and that can be deadly!! Here are my symptoms.

Short runs of tachycardia
weird feeling in my arms
weak muscles
exercise intolerance
heat intolerance
very very anxious

Strong emotions are the worst making my symptoms very poor, exercise is near impossible now a days, My EP Cardiologists is the best in the state, he works for a top 50 research Hospital here in the United states, so I should trust him but with what I read and how I feel I do not see how this is not life-threatening and how it is no big deal as he puts it and says its common and that technically I do not NEED treatment but it will help manage my rhythm is says.
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