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Coming off sotalol
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Coming off sotalol


Does anyone here have any advice regarding attempting to come off beta-blocker meds that I have been taking for four years ??  There must be a half-life, I have been free of sotalol for over 48 hours and apart from a short run of irregular PAC's I am okay. HR is a little higher at 90 but BP is wonderful at 100/65 ( I am used to 85/50). I feel as if I am flying without a safety net !!!   All comments greatly appreciated.

Regards   -    Julie.
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my dr said that if i ever wanted to get off my beta blocker (atenolol) that i would need to taper off of it. i don't think its wise to just quit it; you should talk to your dr about a tapering schedule. mine said that if i went off it, i would probably experiences tachycardia and palpitations for a little while. it requires patience and an understanding that you're only experiencing it because your body is getting used to not being on the meds.

i would like to get off bc of low bp too. mine's usually 90/50 (although on rare good days its 100/70--so high!). low blood pressure can be just as bad as high blood pressure, but for different reasons.
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