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Constant double heart beat
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Constant double heart beat


Recently, about a week, I have been experiencing what I can only describe as a double heart beat. Normally, it would be a constant one beat a sec roughly. Now, for periods of 5 - 10 secs every min or less, it will beat twice quicly with a long pause. So still 2 beats in 2 secs, but 2 in the first, none in the second.

I am arranging to see my GP but am wondering if I should take more serious action,

I'm 25, male, and your typical guy. Enjoy a drink and do smoke and should eat healthy, but not extremely overweight.

I do also suffer from anxiety but I wouldn't of thought this would be the cause as that has got alot better recently.

I dont suffer any chest pains, breathing is fine, can still exercise daily.

Is this sort of an arythmia? Should I be overly concerned? Has anyone had similair feelings before?

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This sounds like a common heart arrhythmia known as premature beats. What happens is that your heart produces an extra impulse right after the normal one, and this impulse "resets" the heart, so the next beat will be delayed, and possibly feel stronger too because the heart fills up with blood. Those premature beats can occur in the upper part of the heart (premature atrial complex, PAC) or the lower part (premature ventricular complex, PVC). From your description, it sounds more likely that you have PACs than PVCs, as you would probably describe a PVC like a completely missed beat, not a double beat.

What you should do is to visit a doctor (or an emergency room) just when you feel the palpitations. They will monitor your heart rhythm with EKG to determine the diagnosis. An EKG without the symptoms has a limited value when diagnosing an arrhythmia. Otherwise, I completely agree that you should see your GP to evaluate if there is a cause (usually there is not) for the palpitations or not, and if the cause can be treated.

It sounds as you have the palpitations quite often now, so why not do this today, so you get a diagnosis (instead of risking to go to your doctor when you actually feel OK, having to do more and more expensive/advanced tests like Holter monitoring to catch the arrhythmia)?

Needless to say, you should consider quitting smoking. Palpitations often occur when the anxiety is about to go away (I don't know the reason but it may have something to do with your heart rate getting slower, which will give the premature beats better "space" to occur in between your normal heart beats).

Everyone have premature beats, but not all of us notice them, but it sounds like you have a lot of them, so get a diagnosis! Good luck

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