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Constant heart flutters for two days now
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Constant heart flutters for two days now

I was diagnosed with PVC's a couple of years ago and they were kinda bad then but after I had surgery and went in to remission for Crohns they seemed to pretty much disappear. They've come back once in awhile but not usually too bad.

The last two days I've had bad heart flutters, especially today - it's been constant. It almost feels a bit different than what I remembered having before with the PVC's or maybe I've just forgotten? From what I remember I'd have the speeding up feeling, or flutter then a thump and it would go back to normal.
I've had the last week or so the speeding up heart feeling when I'd roll over in bed then it would settle down.

Today it's just a constant fluttering feeling without the thump and without it going back to normal. I almost feel like a butterfly's in my chest beating it's wings against my chest. It just feels weird. I'm assuming this is still PVC's? Should I be concerned that it's not going away or taking a break? At least it doesn't feel like it is. I've also had heartburn lately so is that what's causing the heart flutters? I've heartburn before and it usually goes away after a couple of hours or so but I've felt this constant heartburn and flutters all day today and most of yesterday. It feels like I have an inflated balloon in my chest. Why isn't it going away? And is this more gastro related or heart related or both?
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Anytime you feel something different, it is a good idea to call the doctor.  Having said that, I'm sure this is nothing serious.  Many people describe their pvc's as a butterfly feeling in the chest.  These flutters can feel different each and every time.  That is why it is so scary.  We think everything is okay and then we get a new sensation and worry that it is serious.   Stomach issues can aggrivate the situation as well.  Do you feel dizzy or short of breath?  I'm sure you are fine, but just call the doctor.  Piece of mind is sometimes the best medicine.
Take care
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I agree with Frenchie, I would call the doctor, I feel anytime a new feeling is experienced the doc should know. Having stomach issues does not help; I have a hiatal hernia, and when it acts up the flutters get worse, especially after eating or drinking water. Acid reflux also can aggrevate them.

Please keep us posted as to how you are doing.
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Thank you for commenting. I do have a feeling it's digestive related. I was just assigned a new doctor whom I've only seen once and when I tried to request a blood test he said to have my gastroenterologist order it, only I'm in the process of finding a new one right now so it will be at least another month before I can even get in to see the assistant. So, I'm kind of afraid to go to him with this if he thinks it's digestive related and to have him dismiss me again, I guess. I used to have a pretty good doctor who moved awhile back and I just don't know what to think of this guy. I haven't had a good doctor since the other one moved. I also don't want to go to the doctor too often as I worry that they'd think I was just a hypocondriac or something so I try real hard not to go too often!
I will wait and see how things go, I guess.
I do get a little lightheaded once in awhile, I noticed, but I think it's because I get dehydrated. I know I need to watch that and drink enough water, especially since I live in a dry climate and a high altitude.
Thanks Frenchie and Susie.
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