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Earlier question. . .mentioned panic attacks
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Earlier question. . .mentioned panic attacks

Dear Dr. McWilliams,

Thank you for answering my previous question. . .I did go to a new doctor and she said that she could feel my heart doing  PAC's continually by taking my pulse ??  When questioned on it, she said it is nothing to worry about. . .but PAC's continually ??  I'm hopeing that I misunderstood what she meant.  She also told me that a hialial hernia (and I know I'm not spelling that right) can cause skipping. . .she told me to "take a swig of Maalox" before eating and see if that helps. . .something about esophogal spasms causing the skipping.  Since the skipping got real bad while/after eating she thought it was a digestion thing, but the statement "PAC's continually" still rang in my ears. . .is that what causes the skipping because I don't eat continually throughout the day !

Anyway, I described the event that I mentioned to you. . .you had said it sounded like a panic attack. . .my question to that is can a panic attack happen while you are asleep ??  Would it wake you out of a deep sleep ??  And, can these things happen even though you are not stressed out about anything ?

I had wondered if the events are happening from an adrenline surge ?  Because out of the blue my heart will start skipping, my blood pressure shoots to around 152/98 but my pulse is rarely over 100, and I'll start shaking, dry mouth, etc.

I would really appreciate your input. . .the skipping has somewhat slowed down. . .is only happening when I turn on my right side in bed. . .(I know, then don't sleep on your right side. . .correct ??!!)

Thanks again for listening to us. . .
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It is true that there isn't anything really concern from a morbidity or illness perspective regarding frequent PACs.  They can cause symptoms but do not cause harm.

my question to that is can a panic attack happen while you are asleep ??  Would it wake you out of a deep sleep ??  And, can these things happen even though you are not stressed out about anything ?

Panic attacks can happen at any time, day or night.  There is often no good explanation for why they happen unless you can identify a trigger.  Adrenaline does go up during panic attacks and blood pressure often increases as well -- the shaking does sound like a panic attack.

I have not read the eating affects PACs but I have heard patients mention that their PACs/PVCs get worse with meals.

I hope this helps.  Good luck.
I am not a doctor. Yes. Nocturnal panic attacks are common and they do wake people out of sleep. I believe they tend to occur unconsciously during transition from one sleep phase to another. People who are prone to worrying get them and you are clearly very worried about your heart.
You may want to try the National Sleep Disorders, or a similar, website to get some tips about how you can perhaps avoid triggering  nocturnal attacks.
Hope you feel better soon.
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