Electrophysiologist - Pittsburgh, PA
by StaceyL, Dec 12, 2007

Just wondering if anyone knows of a good electrophysiologist in the Pittsburgh, PA area?  I am having trouble locating one.

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by pg1949, Dec 12, 2007
If you can't find a good EP in Pittsburgh, I would recommend going to the Cleveland Clinic.  I had excellent care and great results from an ablation in September.  In fact, while going through some of the prep work, I struck up a conversation with another patient.  He told me he was having his 3rd ablation.  My spirits sank (it was my first), but he informed me that his cardiologist in Ft. Myers told him to get on a plane and get himself to the Clinic.  It's probably only a couple of hours from Pittsburgh...no plane needed.  Good luck!!  
by Momto3, Dec 12, 2007
You can also visit the website for the Heart Rhythm Society.  There is a list of member physicians by geographic location.
by anacyde, Dec 13, 2007
If it were me, personally, I'd make the drive to Cleveland...I'm from the area and it isn't far considering the excellence in care CCF offers.  Best of luck to you :)
by mariop, Dec 19, 2007
Dr. Alpert at West Penn Hospital is a highly regarded EP.  Do not know about UPMC.  I had 2 ablations with Dr. Alpert.  He told me my case was too complex and referred me to Dr Patrick Tchou at Cleveland Clinic, for 2 more ablations.  Highmark has paid everything in its entirety because I was referred by a local doctor.  If you come under UPMC you should have no problem finding a highly regarded EP, as they are a teaching facility.
by Artaud, Dec 19, 2007

The City of Pittsburgh is essentially nothing but Hospitals. Allegheny General, Presbyterian, Mercy, and on and on. I am sure that EPs that are eminently qualified exist in the City. I would imagine that an EP at one of the Hospitals mentioned above would be your best first start.

For me, I would go to Allegheny General Hospital, as it is well known for their Cardiology Departments and the Doctors who staff them.

If you don't come under UPMC Insurance (such as myself) Allegheny General Hospital or West Penn Hospital might be your only choices anyway. (Depending on your insurance). It is my humble opinion that UPMC in Pittsburgh seems to have been exempted from the Monopoly Laws, as they seem to own most of the Hospitals in the city, or at least are affiliated, and incredibly, they don’t accept some providers for specific services or at specific locations.

My wife also suggested that you consider Dr. Christopher Bonnet at Allegheny General and West Penn Hospitals.

Regardless of your choice, I wish you great success with the ablation.

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