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Exercise for people with Tachycardia
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Exercise for people with Tachycardia

I have tachycardia that is controlled with the beta blocker Atenelol. The meds help my resting symptoms, however, when I do strenuous physical activity like walking up stairs, running, biking, etc., my heart rate spikes very quickly and very high.

I was wondering if there are any low impact exercises I could do. I have been reading and exercise could help relieve the tachycardia and strengthen my heart, but it says to start slow and work my way up. Is there anyone that also suffers from tachycardia that has been able to do some exercises that help?

I also need to lose some weight and am trying to find the best way to do that since I am limited on exercise. I know I am able to do yoga, sex, swimming, and light walking. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The only reason I have not asked my cardiologist is because I lost my good insurance and am now on Medicaid PCN which does not cover specialist and conditions like mine.
I have been taking my meds and will have to keep going that route until I can get on some better insurance.

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Hi there!  I am answering this with the expectation that your doctor has told you that exercise is okay for you.  I also am on atenolol for tachycardia.  I have been for 32 years.  I started an exercise program with the Wii Active.  My heart rate goes up very easily and after many years of the atenolol controlling it, I didn't like the feeling, even though it was SUPPOSED to get faster.  It was something I had to get used to.  Using the Wii Active allowed me to slow down, if I thought my HR was spiking too high.  Fortunately, I have good recovery and that is what is really important.  You don't want your HR to go above 65% for fat burning.  Also, I've done a lot of research and weight training builds muscle, muscle allows for more calories....if you don't eat more, you will lose weight.  I have started weight lifting.  I haven't lost any weight yet, but I DO like the muscles.  Let me know how it works out for you.
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glad you posted that RNRita, I'm going to check into Wii active, how difficult is it to do? I've been doing various games and wii fit some with my kids to help with frozen shoulder after my surgeries.  

I'm afraid to exert myself too much also and have my HR spike and my icd shock me, but moderate exercise for my ANS problems are supposed to help greatly and wii active sounds like it would be great.
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