Fast heart rate after drinking soda
by ConnieG, Mar 11, 2011
I'm not sure if this is the right forum or not but I have a question.

I used to drink 6-8 sodas a day, but the past couple of years I drink half a soda a day, and the past year I only drink half of a 7.5 oz can of soda a day.  In the last few months I joined a gym and they recommended quitting all together.  So I have been going a few days here and there with drinking no soda at all.

I went three days without drinking any soda (only water).  Then yesterday I drank an entire 12oz can at noon.   (I can't remember the last time I finished a 12 oz can alone in one day let alone one sitting......)  I went to the gym a little after 5 yesterday and after probably 3 squats my heart was racing so fast and I couldn't catch my breath.  It went on like this for 20 minutes of weight lifting. I would do squats, catch my breath, resume.  Then I did leg extensions and leg raises...same thing. I would do a few a rep and have to catch my breath.  I finally starting getting really really nervous so I caught my personal trainer and asked him if it was too fast.  He said it was really fast (i can't remember the exact bpm) and started asking questions and we finally determined I drank soda that day and I usually don't...That's all he could think of.  I sat down and cooled off completely and immediately got a chill wave over me and was nauseaus and weak the rest of the day.  

Is this something I should be concerned about?? Should I contact my doctor and do some kind of heart tests??
What can cause this? Weak heart? blood clot? The more I think about it the more I freak out...

Any advice would be appreciated!
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by DeltaDawn23, Mar 12, 2011
I once had a 15 hour episode of AFib, started when I drank half an orange soda and 2 pieces of chocolate.  I think the carbonation overloaded my stomach and pushed against my heart.  The caffeine in the chocolate didn't help.  I don't know if your soda had caffeine, but that could be an issue too.  I think you should check with your doctor.
by dscoqn, Jul 03, 2011
I know this is an old post but I thought I would comment.  I have an alternative to soda that I drink that still feels like you are drinking soda but it's much healthier.  Sparkling mineral water with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime in it.  You still get the bubbles but it's good for you :)
by Madge270, Jul 03, 2011
Since I have acid reflux, I had to give up carbonated drinks and also coffee, chocolate,  mint, tomatoes, etc. I have less gas (and PVCs) now, especially if I also eat smaller meals. Even carbonated water would be  a problem for many heartburn sufferers, as would any added citrus.  Just thought I'd mention it. I drink one cup of decaf green tea a day, or else bush tea (rooibos or honeybush red tea) with added honey. Those don't bother my heart at all.
by DeltaDawn23, Jul 03, 2011
Chamomile tea is good, iced or hot, and is soothing to the stomach.  Also some of the herbal teas like raspberry zinger.  I also have reflux and Afib, and I take prevacid for that.  I have regular water with a twist of lime or lemon and it's a little more exciting than plain water.  I agree withMadge that the smaller meals help.  It seems like everything good is bad for you!  But I'd rather give up soda, choclate, carbonated drinks and caffeine than spend anymore time in Afib and in the hospital.  It's just not worth it.