Feeling heart beats
by adpres, May 13, 2009
I keep on feeling my heart beat and then i feel the heart beat in my fingers and it just drives me crazy. I've already had a few EKGs ultrasound on my heart and kidneys im awaiting test from the houlter monitor but so far all the tests ive taken show that everything is normal. Minus the hypertension. and im taking atenolol twice a day. what could it be...it really bugs me.
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by adpres, May 17, 2009
houlter monitor was normal.
by tickertock, May 18, 2009
I had this problem all my life, apparently some people are just very aware of their heartbeat , even normal heartbeats, I also take atenolol up to 100mg daily, hope you get relief the key is to try and not pay it too much attention. I also noticed that this forum has not been in use for along time, hope the doctor answers you soon. Good luck
by KevinJCHS81, May 20, 2009
I am not qualified to give you any advice because I just joined this forum less than 24 hours ago full of nothing but questions. But you might want to consider possible stomach problems and check out the “Gastroenterology Forum”.  Especially if you have more symptoms such as abdominal discomfort (or) pain. Upper abdominal pain along the lower rib cage area seems to be fairly common.
by shadecomputers, May 21, 2009
I just joined this forums today, but I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I also have the same exact symptoms as you, and I am now wearing the houlter monitor. It started out of nowhere. For about a week I could feel my heart beating like it was coming out of my chest. I decided to take my pulse and noticed that my heart was actually slowing, then speeding up to normal again, which others would describe as a skipped beat. I went to the doctor and I was extremely scared, so my rate was really fast. The doctor said it was arrythmia. Then the next day, (A saturday), I went to the emergency room because my doctor told me to take two atenolol each day and it would go away but it did not. So the hospital doctor hooked me up to the EKG and said it was nothing. So I asked him to monitor me for a few minutes so he would see the skipped beats, so he did, and said he could see the PVC's or whatever he called them, and that it was still nothing but anxiety and I should take some xanax to calm me down. Now, I went back to my doctor on monday for my blood test results, and he said my blood was perfect. So now he has me on this houlter monitor. I can understand why, I just wat to say that even when I went this morning to get hooked up to this monitor, I was feeling so nervous, I was light headed, and tired, and fealt like I was about to die. Most of the problem is that the test, and the doctors talking greek make you feel frightened, so you end up not feeling any better. This all started about 1 year ago. I fealt it, but did not know it was my heart so I ignored it. It went away a week later, and I did all kinds of heavy lifting, and everyhting else after that, and it never came back. This time it came when I was just sitting in my chair playing a game and having a coffee. I don't want to sound like I am belittling this but I think you are alright. Seriously try to ignore it for a while and when it goes away, don't try to see if it is going to come back, because if you do, it will, and the cycle will start all over again.
I hope this helps.
Dave Shade
by mightym53, Jun 01, 2009
I just joined the forum and am able to feel my hearbeat in my groin and stomach a lot of the time.  I have had SVT's since 2001.  I have not had them for about 4 years until recently I had problems with my gall bladder.  That was taken out and I seem to be having a lot of stomach issues which seem to trigger a fast heartbeat etc.  I wish someone could just figure out what is wrong with my stomach.

Take care.

by mightym53, Jun 02, 2009
Actually that is what I have been diagnosed with - SVT.  So I guess I don't have the same thing that you guys have.  My cardilogist has never mentioned PVC before.  I don't understand the difference.