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Dear anyone who can help me,

I was diagnosed with mono/strep around July of 2008 and was feeling terrible.  I was extremely tired all of the time and began feeling light headed/dizzy at certain random points during the day.  Throughout my whole life I have been one to internalize all of my problems and freak out at the slightest thing so to be diagnosed as a hypochondriac would most likely be an understatement.  But recently, I have been feeling in a sense detached from the world, on both my left and right hand sides I have had pains similar to gas and although I have been prescribed pantaprazole, its hard to tell if the "gas" is getting any better.  Sometimes I have body aches; achy hands, knees followed by headaches or just a "tingly" head and I'm scared to death I have a heart disease, but I'm only 19 years old and although I don't exercise nearly as much as I used to, I would not consider myself in just horrible shape.  I admit my diet has gone down hill, do you think by eating more fruit, green vegetables and water that some of these problems would just disappear?  Good lord, I feel like a crazy person sometimes.  I've tried meditation and all sorts of teas.  For whatever reason, I have gotten it in my head that there is something terribly wrong with my heart.  I have had several vials of blood drawn in the last few months and even had an ECG done last week.  Please help me, I feel like every doctor I go to will just try to pawn me off onto some psychiatrist who will prescribe a general anxiety pill that may or may not help anything.  I suppose I would just like to know how common it would be a for an average 19 year old college student with a fantastic family health history to just keel over from heart failure one day, or are these just the delusional feelings of a teenage hypochondriac?

Please help !
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Sorry to hear how frustrated you have become. It sounds like the tests that you have had done have all been normal. You mention that you have "internalized" problems throughout your life. This kind of coping mechanism is never good and will most certainly impact your overall health.

Having mentioned that your family has a "fantastic" health history should give you some sense of relief. The chances of you suffering from any type catastrophic heart related issues, based on the info you have provided, are pretty slim. You are not alone with how you are feeling. There are many members who think that they will suffer from some horrific heart related event, despite all the tests that have proven this to be unlikely.

You are too young to be worrying over something that is not likely to happen. You have your whole life ahead of you. I think that you need to get on top of this anxiety that seems to be making you feel so unwell. It may take some time and it might not hurt to take some type of antianxiety medication, even short term, to give you some bit of relief. As the anxiety is decreased you may then be able to better accept that your heart is fine and that you are going to live a long and fruitful life!:)

I do wish you the best, if there is anything we here can do to help you through this...just give us a shout!
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You didn't mention depression.  I'm no expert on diagnosing depression verses anxiety, but I think they frequently go together.

My wife, and many of her blood-line relatives, including our son, have been diagnosed with varying degrees/depths of depression and all have taken mediation at times to help.  My only point here is:  check it out, mental problems like depression and anxiety are are treatable and people can beat them.  Our son recently graduated from medical school and is in his internship/residency phase, so far he is winning the battle with depression as are others close to me.  

Please do reject the idea that psychological therapy and medications may help.  I too think from what you've told us that you don't have any heart problems to worry about.
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thanks for all your input everyone.  I'm trying to start off each day with a positive attitude and with a new found determination that there is nothing wrong with me, besides a poor sleeping schedule and an ongoing infection of mononucleosis

thanks again!
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