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Heart PVC

Hello, I had a chest pain along with shortness of breath four days ago. So I immediately went to the hospital and they took me in promptly and did following tests;

1. ECG
2. Blood test (I believe CK and other relevant test to check heart muscle damage)

It was ok and then got discharged. However during the stay at hospital here I saw on the heart monitor when I get irregular beat it showed as PVC. This is continuously there. I informed my Cardiologist which he requested to perform exercise ECG and radioactive tracer to check the heart. That result too had no issue.

My problem is I still have chest pains, left arm pain and PVC's during the day. This is bothering me a lot.

I take Losartan potassium 50mg , Metoprolol 25mg BD, Crestor 5mg daily.

I check my cholesterol and sugar every 6 months and both normal.

Please advise.


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Sounds like you've given your heart a good check-out and PVC problems seem to be persistent - many people just have to "live" with it. But chest pain is another matter in my understanding - given you heart checks done it could be helpful to discuss the chest pains with your primary care doctor... maybe it is stomach/gastronomy issues.  If you PC doctor sees other possibilities it would be worth checking, a GI doctor is one possibility.

My PC doc also does EKG when I get my physical.  He has never advised me on my heart treatment because he know I have a cardiologist covering that matter, I am sure that is normal.  The hope I would have is the more broader experience of a PC doctor may point to other causes for the chest pain.
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Thanks Jerry.
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I know sometimes my ectopics especially pvcs can cause transient chest pain that last maybe 10 or so minutes.  I think that happens depending on when in the beat cycle they happen.  It could also be that the meds you are on are too strong a dose or you need to adjust to them if they are a new prescription.  Or as Jerry mentioned it could be gastric issues too  They can cause some pain as well as trigger ectopic beats.  So if you have any stomach issues you seem aware of do try to have them addressed.  Hopefully whatever it is will sort itself out for you but if the pain continues do follow up with your doctor.  Hang in there.  
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