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Heart palpitations that last for 30 second to one minute
I have heart palpitations...its an arrhythmia that induces me to cough when it happens. Only lasts a couple of seconds and can happen once a week, several times a week, or more/less. They have increased over the last several years and vary depending on my stress level. I'm young (younger than 30), and overall in good health and shape, but nonetheless I've gone to a Cardiologist and they have done an EKG, a 48 hour monitoring, as well as an Echo. All came back normal, but of course I had no palpitation while I was being monitored or examined. Basically it happens in morning time. I am taking Inderal 40 thrice daily. Its helps slowly but for years or half again it returns. I m non smoker, non drinker, never took tea, caffie etc. My thyroid profile is o.k... my question is that, is that  Tachycardia or disautonomia?
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