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High heart rate
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High heart rate

I am a 38 year old male.  When I wake up in the morning my heart rate is generaly around 65-80,  But then my heart rate stays at about 100-105 the rest of the day, and sometimes after I eat a meal it can climb as high as 115.  Could this be because I am out of shape, and is having a high heart rate during the day dangerous?
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Hi biva,

I am no expert. Is that your only symptom? Do you suffer from anxiety, stress? High Blood Pressure?

A heartrate above 100 bpm is tachycardia. Usually around 115 bpm is not dangerous but I suggest you visit your doctor. Maybe there are other underlying conditions for example dehydration etc that you are not aware of.

Good morning;

A little background:  I have a pacemaker, due to my heart's sinus node not firing off all the time.

I had my regular check on Thursday, which includes me asking the medtech about my heart rate history.

About 92% of the time I am between 60 - 100 BPM (normal range as Amethyst wrote), 6% of the time the pacer kicks in because I have no normal heartbeat and the rest of the time I have elevated heart rates of 100 - 130 BPM, with the occasional spike.  Last October, I had one of 214 BPM for 48 seconds, which was found at my December check.  In March I had one of 180 BPM for 4 sec.  So, I have some tachycardia, but the cardiologist doesn't want o put me on Beta blockers yet as it s not too prevalent (for want of a better word.

From my reading, tachycardia can be caused by a number of factors, including being out of shape.  Any muscle, to perform a task, must be in good tone.

But, baseline, I'd suggest getting a complete physical.  Your doctor may also want to perform a cardio-pulmonary stress test; to check heart and lung efficiency

The heart rate just may be fixed by something as simple as adding aerobic exercise to your life, cutting back on caffeine, a food allergy. . .it may be a problem in your heart's electrical system.

I did not find out my defect until I passed out at my home computer desk one day and I went the cardiac care unit for overnight monitoring.

Get thee to a leech, good sir!
Have hym poke and prod, and blood let for knowledge!

May your answer be a simple one.

If there's anything wrong with your heart, it's not related to these symptoms. A resting heart rate of 100 at times is absolutely normal and can be related to dehydration, stress or being out of shape. When you eat, blood rushes to your stomoch to feed the muscles digesting the food and your rate and blood pressure spike. Totally normal. Go jog for a month and keep hydrated and I bet you'll see the end of this.
Some good advice/input, but maybe you should start with regular walking, a couple of miles at least, a day...then if all goes well think about jogging if your knees and feet can take it.  Much depends on you weight too.

The HR you post are not dangerous, in fact most people have HR well over 80 when they are on their feet, just standing maybe a little walking and going up to 100+, that isn't tachycardia if you are moving around, it is tachy only if you have the higher HR when totally at rest.  
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