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Holter monitor results
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Holter monitor results

Hello, I have had a holter monitor done for chest pains and missed beats , I had a 24 hour holtor , but have been told my results could take upto  6 weeks and then they will be posted to me & my GP , I have allready waited 3 weeks but am anctious and would like to ask a couple of questions if anyone could help with them.
I did phone the hospital , the nurse said the doctor had seen the report and the results could take upto 6 weeks to be recieved in the post.
1 , If there was anything wrong with the results would the hospital contact you sooner ?
2 , with the printed results , are recommendations from the cardiologist written on the report ?

any info on the actual results letter , i would appreaciate as i am currently not under a cardiologist i have just been referred for the holter monitor test and the results are being sent to me and my gp by post , kindest regards
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to answer your questions (based on my understanding).

1) If there was something life-threatening or needed immediate treatment, you would have been notified right away by the doctor who reviewed the results.  This doesn't mean that you don't have a condition that "may" require treatment though.

2) I think it depends on the condition and doctor reviewing the information.  That said, I wore a 30-day monitor and a report was sent to my PCP but did not have any recommendations on it (not even for me to see the EP who wrote the report).  My PCP wanted me to follow up with the EP to go over the results though and the condition I had didnt require treatment, which is probably why no follow-up information was indicated. I would suspect though and  if the condition needed a follow-up appointment/treatment then that would be stated in the report and the doctors would be in contact with you.

Hang in there!  I'm currently waiting on important test results and am at about 6 weeks of an 8 week wait....  The wait is definitely tough and very stressful.
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