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Lifting restrictions on pacemaker patients?
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Lifting restrictions on pacemaker patients?

I understand that immediatly after getting a pacemaker installed there are lifting restrictions.

After the healing period (how long is that any way?) are there any lifting restrictions?
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Hi i read your post and most definately yes.  You may want to go onto google and google out Permanent Pacemakers on the Rochester Medical Center site.  They give you some pretty great guideines but hopefully your doc has also given you the guidelines.  Hope this was helpful......i wouldn't do a thing without clearance from my own doc......
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They've restrictions.........  I told my doctor that I need to carry my daughters.  He told me that's ok, no restriction for me to lift them up and carry.  Both of my daughters were born after the pacemaker implanted.
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These activity guidelines should be followed the first week after your procedure:

You may move your arms normally and do not have to restrict arm motion during normal activities. However, do not hold your arms above shoulder level for more than several minutes at a time.

Do not lift objects that weigh more than 10 pounds for 6 weeks after the procedure.

Avoid activities that require pushing or pulling heavy objects, eg. mowing the lawn.

For 6 weeks after the procedure, avoid golfing, swimming, tennis and bowling.
Try to walk as much as possible for exercise.

Your doctor will tell you when you can resume more strenuous activities. Good luck with your recovery! :)
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I had a pacer change out 32 days ago. (This is my 2nd pacer)  Everything Brooke_38 said is what my doc told me. The reason for not moving your arms over your head is to keep you from possibly dislodging the lead(s) connecting your pacer to your heart.  That heals up in about 4-6 weeks.  If you need more info, go to the pacemaker's website.  It should give you all kinds of info.

I am grateful for my pacer.  Although I am 100% dependent on it, it give me a chance to continue living my life with gusto.  Good luck with your recovery.
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So happy to read your comment on this subject. My doc told me I need a pacemaker and I'm totally bummed out. I love doing things outdoors and I also enjoy going to the gym. I'm 67 and he told me I would have to cut way back at the gym. I've been doing it now for 50+ years. I'm not sure I can handle the change.
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