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Overdose induced cardiac arrest
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Overdose induced cardiac arrest

Last year i went threw a bit of a bad space,I overdosed on Disopyramide (26x 200mg tablets) i approx one hour afterwards loss consciousness and went into cardiac arrest and Ventricular fib.
because my heart has been in those rhythms before..does that mean that they could go into the rhythms again on there own? or could the cardiac arrest have "hurt or damaged" my heart and any chance i may have that again ?
Thank you for your help
Jeanette :)
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It's good you survived, and it's good that you're getting better.

I'm no expert, but overdose on antiarrhythmic drugs will cause cardiac arrest. It's something that happens because the drugs change the electrical conduction time in the heart, and it's reversed when the drug is out of your body.

Because what happened was serious, I guess you could ask a doctor and get an EKG registered, though I'm pretty sure the hospital did that before you went home. The most important thing is that you get the help you need to prevent this from happening again.

If you need an expert advice, please post in the Heart Disease Expert Forum.
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