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PVS's and Erratic Pulse
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PVS's and Erratic Pulse

I hope this is the best place to post this.

My basic question is:  Why/how do PVC's cause slow heart-beat?
My husband has suffered from PVC's for a while now, also with intermittent very slow heartbeats (as low as 32).  He's had the 24hr holter monitor, but did not suffer any episodes while wearing it.  Last night his pulse slowed down and he couldn't "cough it out" and it lasted longer than usual so we went to the ER.  While watching the montor over the course of about half an hour I saw it register as low as 41 and as high as 135!!  We had not been aware of the rapid pulse rate until last night, just the slow rate.
His cardiologist, who is very well respected in his field, but seriously lacks any bedside manner is not giving us any significant information.  All he tells us is that a the medications are too toxic to prescribe and a pacemaker is not warranted, that the slow heart-beats are caused by the PCV's - well that doesn't tell us anything, nor does it explain the erratic fast-slow-fast beats.
We are going to have yet another sit-down with him, but I'd really like some answers - I love my husband and don't want to lose him.
I do hope this is making sense and that someone can give us some input.
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If I read correctly you have quality medical advice that says "live with it"... and I don't read anything that suggests you should do more/otherwise.

A HR in the 30s is definitely too low and in most of us it would cause us to be dizzy or even faint.  A HR in the 40s at rest is also low, but many people do just fine with that, so long as the HR comes up when they get up on their feet.

I assume you, like me, are having typo problems and all your Pxx are meant to be PVC.  I don't have any experience with them but it seems strange to me that a PVC condition would make a HR slower, I'd guess faster as one is experiencing premature contractions, i.e., extra beats... but I really don't know the answer, if your doctor says that's the case I can't say I know better or more.
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