Pain with PVC's
by artskip, Mar 18, 2008
Does anyone have pain with their PVC's? I sometimes have pain and discomfort with them. My  EP said there is no reason for the pain and it must be how I'am precevieing the pain. I interpreted that to mean it's all in my head.
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by PerChance, Mar 18, 2008
Hi...I can relate.  Or, at least, I think so.  I've had a couple cardiologists say that my frequent PVCs could be the source of my pain.  And I swear that some PVCs do indeed cause me pain.  I can tell you when one happens or just before one happens and then the pain ensues.  Often, I will have pain *before* a PVC and the PVC seems to somehow "relieve" the pain...if that makes any sense at all.  

That said, I don't think it's too common for PVCs to cause serious pain or chest discomfort...which is why I'm seeking help at the moment myself.  

Could you describe your pain?  Quick, sharp pain?  Lingering, dull?  Pressure?  Location?

Best wishes...
by acjviolin, Mar 18, 2008
I,too, have experienced pain with PVCs/PACs.  When I do, it feels like the "extra beat" itself is forced and painful.  It is a very quick and pronounced pain, but not lasting (unless I start getting panicky in which my chest begins to "tighten".)  I've never had pain associated with what I consider to be couplets, or runs of PVCs, but instead only with a single extra beat.  Hope this makes sense.
by artskip, Mar 19, 2008
Thanks for your reply.  I have all of those types of pain, not at the same time. The pain is  in my heart and sometimes through to my back. The pain doesn't last to long.  When I  go into bigemini for long periods of time, I feel very uncomfortable but the pain is not sharp. I've had a cardiac MRI and all is good there. I now have excercise induced PVC's.  If I get my heart rate up the PVC's are there with pain.
I should say that I never had pain with the PVC's, untill one day that I had an incident that caused me to go into tachacardia, which was extremely painful. It lasted for about and hour.  Before that my PVC's were occasional ever since that day I've had pain and non-stop palps, everyday all day. I feel that there is a connection, my EP says no.
Inderal helps with the pain.
Thanks so much for your help.
by debola53, Mar 19, 2008
I have had mild discomfort with frequent PVC's. It is an aching feeling. I don't have associated jaw, neck, or arm pain. I think it is common from what my docs have said, but I don't think it should be severe pain. Debi
by RobAnswers, Feb 08, 2012
I suffer from PVCs (and tachycardia as well). Sometimes the PVCs are very infrequent and lasting only only a second at a time when they do occur. Other times they are chronic, lasting  all day long. At the very moment of each beat (lasting the split second duration of the beat), I also experience pain In the center of my chest just behind the sternum, the quality of  which can best be described as the shock from static electricity after walking on a carpet and then touching a metal object, The intensity of such pain is not as severe, but is still intense enough to be bothersome.