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Hello im Nicky in 26 & a nurse.

PMH- health anxiety & induced depression. Very aching legs after being on them at work, sciatica & TMJ.

For the last few weeks i am conscious of my heat rhythm (86 BPM) and when i am sat relaxing after work i can really feel it thumping & almost feel it in my throat. I am not especially tachycardic..i can almost feel a flutter sometimes. It last for a few hours goes off  & has done that the last few weeks...

The other night i had a fullness in my sternum & went to the docs who diagnosed costocondritis or query GERD as i have hunger pangs a lot & occasional reflux (every few months). Anyhow since this i have had twinges and a lot of mechanical pain in arms and shoulders. However as you can probably imagine i am quite anxious & keep thinking he misdiagnosed me & that i am or have had an MI which only makes it hurt more...

I don't especially have dizziness or anything. I got ill with labrynthitis back in Feb & it scared the life out of me & has really knocked my confidence...thus caused a mini breakdown as i was so stressed as i felt so ill. Prior to Feb i never worried about my health its very odd. I don't feel like i am panicking however when i get a problem now i panic...I get breatless i think as i panic but when i rush around i am not breathless.

What do u suggest? What does this sound like?

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im sure someone will come along and be of more help, but to me this sounds like classic symptoms of anxiety. As i too suffer the exact same thing! I cant really help much as i am too trying to get through things, but i would suggest you go to your doctor and see what he says, in the meantime id try deep breathing excersises. I hope things go well for you
Hi there
Reading your post I knpw you are going to get so many replies from our members who will feel you pain and relate to it from thier own experiences.You are battling on but feeling deep inside that something is wrong and getting more and more anxious.
I also have a stressful job and with heart rhythm problems holding it all together can be really really hard so I can feel the truth when you say:
'I get breatless i think as i panic but when i rush around i am not breathless.'
So I'll limit my reply to breathing/meditation/visualisation/real relaxation.
You will know that in many respects our bodies are governed by responses that are now at conflict with our modern lives. Its response to stress is governed by the survival instinct of 'fight or flight' with all the attendant biochemical responses to enable us to physically react to a life threatening situation whereas in reality our stress messages no longer need this response.
The good news is that knowing this you can reverse the message and restore equilibrium by simple breathing techniques
. What we need to do is to redirect your thoughts in a positive way because in any conflict between imagination and willpower imagination always wins.  And it is easy to start right now to change.
Get comfortable in a room where you will not be disturbed and sit or lie in a relaxed open manner. it does not matter if your mind is whirring away - it won't be soon.
Place your hand on your abdomen and focus all your attention on your hand  - feel its weight on you - feel its warmth - and then breathe so that your hand rises up slowly and then down slowly - up and down - nice and slowly - focus on only that simple act of breathing and your hand rising and falling.
Now imagine yourself in a special beautiful place of peace and tranquility- visualise the colours around you - feel a gentle breeze caressing you - hear the sound of trickling water and feel the warmth and love of the sun in the beautiful clear blue sky above you.
Now visualise the sun getting brighter much brighter and feel it in every cell of your body as a wondeful feeling of warmth, peace and harmony slowly spreads over all your body relaxing you even more.
Just lie there and feel this incredible warmth and love for you, this very special you - and know that every cell of your body is vibrating at a higher level all in harmony and that this light is a healing light - a light of love - just for you.
Visualise yourself strong and healthy and in your mind think the thought - I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful loving harmonious and happy.
If you can sleep for a while you will wake up much stronger and more positive but it is very important to keep at it and make it a part of your life for a while until your imagination becomes a positive force not a destructive one.
the idea of this is to feel in touch with the'real you' and to get confidence in that you can control your body not the other way around. From this simple strat anything is possible
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