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Palpitations, Insomnia, Body Odor Change..and Im only 20?
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Palpitations, Insomnia, Body Odor Change..and Im only 20?

Hey Guys!
I am seeking your guys help first because, being an independent college student, I dont have health insurance. :S

A littls background:
My sophmore year of highschool I had my galbladder removed after living with galstones for six years. The doctors wouldnt give me an altrasound because my pain was uncommonly in my right side, and I was very young. My mom also had gal stones at a young age, so its hereditary.

In 7th grade I got diagnosed with asthma without going through any tests, just given an inhailer, in reality I had heart problems which sent me to the hospital a few years ago with a heart beat at almost 300 bpm.
Doctors didnt diagnose me with anything, just said I had palpitations. I used to run track, now I am not able to sprint without going into a it of rapid heart beats. I have to be really really careful and not do any quick sudden movements or my heart goes crazy.

Now for the problem:
Since I was little I have always slept alot, like 9 to 10 hours a night. But starting in June my sleeping patterns changed drastically very quickly. I went from sleeping 8 hours a day with a nap during the day to going days without sleeping. Its been months, I have tried sleeping pills, took caffine completely out of my diet, but it keeps getting worse. I sleep most nights from 10pm-2am, and thats it. IF i sleep I get 4 hours, but there are nights I dont get any. I called the doctors and the nurse suggested sleeping pills. I dont feel safe taking a lot of them, and I have already tried them anyways and achieved at most 4 hours of sleep, even on heavy duty pain killers. I didnt want to take any more just because I dont want to put them in my body. So today I bought 5HTP with B6, which I read on multiple sites, would help me sleep. I took it at 9 oclock last night, and then I woke up at 12, and now I am up for the day.
I dont understand.

Lately my heart has been beating heavier beats and faster than usually. In the last month I have noticed even with small tasks like packing groceries in, my heart kind of makes me go out of breath. Im in shape, so this shouldnt be happening.

I got in a hot tub for the first time in a year the other day and i started feeling sick and got out and noticed my heart was beating super fast, that night I didnt sleep at all.

This is driving me crazy, I cant take it. Im drousy all day long, but I know if I lay down to try to take a nap I wont be able to.

Im not depressed, no anxiety, no reason to be stressed.

Diet hasnt changed.

Other possible symptoms:
Body Odor has changed. All summer I kept thinking the smell was coming from my brother or my guy friends, but turns out it has been me. Even when im completely clean and have deoderent on, my pits and other parts of my upper body are secreteing this weird boyish stenchy smell.

I noticed that i no longer desire steamy hot showers, they actually start to make me feel very very uncomfortable, maybe even sickish so I end up taking a completely cold shower.

In the Last month i think the smell of my urine has changed

In the last week my middle back has felt really stiff/ pain. It doesnt really hurt its just uncomfortable, but popping it doesnt help it. The last few days my mid-back, right side feels like the muscle is sore. It hurts, but I cant pin point the painful feeling really.

I think thats about it.
My mood hasnt really changed. This problem is making me really irratated though.

And these could totally not be linked together at all, but I really want some answers.

sorry its long :P
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Some of it could be thyroid related but you'd need a blood test for that. Having a heart rate of 300 is not just anxiety. There's a problem going on there. I'm not sure how you can handle the insurance issue but you do need to be seen by a doctor. Do you know what your average heart rate is?
A HR of 300 needs medical attention.

If you will have difficulty paying, talk with a local clinic or county or state agency about getting help, I'm sure a longer term payment plan or subsidized help is available if you qualify... can't pay now.
Its been a few years since the almost 300 heart rate. And the doctors didnt seem to worried. My normal heart rate its average they said, sometimes lower than average, which i thought was because I was a runner.
But right now im just worried about the never being able to sleep. :S

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