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Possible febrile seizure or heart condition?
My 2yr old daughter has had 2 episodes recently and they have left doctors in emergency stumped.
Both times completely out of the blue she starts crying in pain, like she has stomach cramps, she loses all colour in her face and becomes "floppy".
The first episode she completely lost consciousness but came around if shaken a little and then it took about 45mins for her to get back to her happy self.
The second time (just yesterday) she became all "floppy" but didnt loose consciousness, it still took her at least 35-45mins to get back to normal. Afterwards she is incredibly tired and whingy.

Initially I was told it was just a febrile seizure and nothing really to worry about. However it has now happened twice in 3mths and Im really concerned.
She goes from healthy, happy, crazy kid to looking like death. Im awaiting a paediatrician appointment (yet to be advised) but would welcome any ideas of what this could be.
Her father does have SVT however I was under the impression that this was not hereditary?

Thank you for any help or suggestions you may have
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