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Pulse rate

Hello, two days ago I had a sort of shortness of breath and went to emergency. Doctors there did following tests;

1. ECG
2. Blood
3. Urine
4. Monitored the heart
5. BP
6. Chest x-ray

After monitoring for 4 hours I was free to go since they could not find any issues. (That time my pulse rate was around 95-99)

(By the way I was studying for my exams throughout past few weeks)

Today after my exam when I came home I felt again little bit of uncomfortable to breathe again and my pulse rate was 106.

I take Losartan potassium 50mg / Metoprolol tart 50mg / Crestor 5mg daily for my BP which is normal most of the time.
Do I have a heart problem? I feel very uncomfartable at times. Please advice what should I do?


This discussion is related to rapid heart rate in the morning upon standing.
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I think this question is best answered by your cardiologist.  The tests you had done in the ER are very basic and IMHO not enough to rule out CAD.  Since you are on Crestor I'm assuming you have a hard-to-treat cholesterol problem.  DO NOT rely on an ER for a formal diagnosis or treatment plan.  If you go to the ER for something, follow up with your doctor and/or specialist is the next direction for something like this.
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You made mention that you were studying for exams; that places stress on anybody and the heart rates you are mentioning are nothing to worry about. A pulse of 106, just walking can EASILY put you into those rates and even much higher. The chances of you having CAD are basically remote if you are a woman under the age of menopause as the body protects women during their childbearing years. If you are young and have Congenital Heart Disease, those problems would have been picked up much earlier in your life. I don't think you have a lot to worry about here. Stressors can play havoc on the pulse as can worrying about it and checking it all the time. A pulse rate of 106 shouldn't be making you feel funny in any way; rates of 120 (for some people) 130+ can begin to cause symptoms because the blood flow to the body has been reduced somewhat. Rates in the 90s are not even classified as tachycardia and if you are a girl the normal heart rate for you would actually be 82, not 72 as most people think. Try not to worry about this as it will only make you crazy and you don't need that!
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