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Hi im 30 years old and I've been recently diagnosed with RVOT-VT. I have had EP studies to which my consultant couldn't get the VT started for long enough to be able to find the foci. I am currently taking a small amount of bisoprolol 1.25. My body does not respond well to any BB and I suffer with low bp and pre syncopy episodes because of these. I have tried calcium channel blockers but these give me chest pain and make me short of breath.

I had a pacemaker inserted in feb 2010 for intermittent 2nd degree heart block also. All echos and ETT test show that my heart is structurally sound and show no underlying reason for my arythmias.

I'm extremely anxious about having another run of VT due to the fact I spend a vast amount of time alone with my 2 children .

If it does happen I'm not sure what to do, I find that even walking up my stairs brings on ectopics and I find myself panicking that the vt is going to start. Going out alone has become a no no for me. I'm caught in a vicious circle with this anxiety and its unbearable.

Is there anything I can do to stop the vt if it starts? Do I call 999?

I'm sure others have said the same... Buy I don't want to die, my children need me and I don't want my husband to come home from work finding me collapsed whilst my 2 year old has been fretting because mummy won't wake up.

Someone, anyone.... Please help!
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I'm sure I'm not the first who wants to help, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

How high is your heart rate when you experience VT?  At your young age I will guess a HR of 200 isn't likely to damage you  and unless your doctor says otherwise you get emotionally overwrought - this may be a stimulus of the high heart rate.

Perhaps you should discuss with your doctor trying some medication to lower your anxiety.  I too hate to take more medication, but if it helps then it seems the right thing to do.  Maybe such an approach will help you gain control and then move to managing anxiety (if you have some, and it reads like you surely have reasons to) without medication.

Good luck, hope you get some help from others - we do care.
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I can understand your fear with having small children but the reality is the stress you are putting on yourself over this may actually be making the situation worse.  From everything I have read vt in a health heart especially if it is short lived as yours is and converts on its own is not likely to cause you to fall into a more dangerous rhythm.  That is generally reserved for people who have actual heart disease.  I think your best bet is to try and get on top of your stress and anxiety.  It will help you tremendously.  I might also suggest, if you are unable to feel comfortable otherwise, maybe subscribing to one of those Life Alert type services where you were an alert beeper on your body and press if it an emergency happens.  This may give you enough peace of mind to relax and trust that your heart will be fine and maybe sometime down the road if all remains fine you can end the service.  But the bottom line is you are going to have to find some way to cope for the sake of your children.   Talk to your doctor and have him explain your situation.  Talk to a therapist to learn ways to deal with stress and simply try to stop and take deep breaths any time you feel something odd so you don't add to what is already going on by stressing out.  I might also suggest trying to slow yourself physically down.  Try to breath and take the stairs a bit slower and see if that helps alleviate the pvcs jumping in when you climb stairs.  Essentially try to find ways you yourself can take control a bit rather than letting what is happening take control of you.  Hang in there and Stay Strong.  You will get through this if not for you but simply because you love those children so much.  Sending health your way.  Take care.
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