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Hi everybody.

I got arrhythmia and some dysautonomia (pots symptoms). My body didn't tolerate BB because of hypotension and bradycardia. Then my cardiolog prescribed Tambocor (flecainide). been on that in 9 months, with almost good effect, but now it doesn't have any effects on my arrhythmia.

They don't know what to do. my options is: 1. don't do anything, stop medication (which they didn't recommended because I have too much VT, that it might turn into a cardiomyopathy). 2. Try a new medication - rytmonorm. But this medication usually dosn't  help, if tambocor didn't have any effect- its very similar to tambocor. 3. Ablation. I tried this 3 times with no luck. my EP thinks that my arrhythmia is very hard to provoke, because I got VT from bradycardia. But still, they want to try again if I want to. 4. get a ICD.

I don't have any good options, like my cardiolog said to me. they don't know what to do with this stupid arrhythmia. I chosed option 2 -rytmonorm. starting the dose in hospital within 2 weeks. I hope I get new 9 months without to much arrhythmia.

My question is: have some of you tried this medication? Im kind of scared about the side effects: more dysautonomia, low BT, bradycardia etc. Also because of BB made me real sick, I don't want to feel like that again.

- Ida    
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Ida-sorry you are dealing with this. Sounds like you are in a tough spot for sure. I am sure someone will respond with some help soon (or perhaps before I finish typing this).

VT from bradycardia? I have never heard this before. I am confused. (anyone care to shed some light here?)
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Rytmonorm is Propafenone and also a sodium blocker like flecainide. I thought your dx were AIVR and not VT?

If you get your ventricular arrhythmias from brady, why not insert a pacemaker that kicks in when HR is below 60? An ICD is also a pacemaker (both shock and pace) but it must be painful to get a shock every time you have an AIVR?

Just a suggestion:) feel free to send me a message in your language if you want:)
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