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Side effects of Ablation?
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Side effects of Ablation?

I'm having a doctor suggested ablation this friday and would love some help from the group.  First, I've had pvcs for my whole life, come and go, do all the right things.  I started having, or at least noticing, the episodes of rapid beats a month ago, several times a day, were confirmed by a halter monitor (I can stop them by coughing).  Doctor and electrophysiologist both recommended ablation.  Of course now that the operation date is set - this friday. I haven't experienced any in several days. My doctor said that while they are there they can test for any potential ventrical arrythmias.  He also said I'd go in at 7 am and be home by 4.  Does all this sound right?  From what I've read on the forum ablations take longer, maybe my doc was just being optimistic?  And are there any downsides to the operation that I should consider?

thank you all...

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I had an ablation for SVT (rapid heart beat).  I had three episodes in 2 years...and I wasnt forutnate enough to be able to cough and stop it...so off to the ER for an adenosine push.  One of my dear friends had SVT for over 20 years and at first she could stop it on her own and then one day she couldnt and she had to go to the ER everytime she had an episode.  We both had ablations!

I arrived at the hospital at 7am and left at 3pm the same day.  The procedure took 1 1/2 hours to complete and I didn't feel a thing....no more beta blockers, no more worries about where I'd be when the next episode rears its ugly head.  I'm free and extremely happy!

There were absolutely no down side for me.  Of course I was scared to death about the procedure....going into the heart.  But I swear, when I woke from the twlight sleep, I wondered if they had actually done the procedure.  It has been two months since the ablation and I have never felt better and I'm 52.  I developed SVT at 49....go figure.

One other thing, it is great that you haven't had a recent episode, but do know that it will not go away on its own.  It took 20 months from my first to the second episode and then just 5 months after that.    I was on beta blockers and it didn't stop the episodes.  Best wishes to you and I hope that this helps.

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Hi Lauren,

I too have SVT and have had it for about 20 years. I only get one or two episodes a year and haven't had an ablation yet. I also have the adenosine shot in the ER to revert my heart back to normal rhythm. I do have a couple of small episodes each month where it feels like I'm going to have an episode but it stops after 1 or 2 quick beats. Did you have any of these or just the full episodes?

Also, I have quit caffeine altogether for about 10 months now as I think that may have been triggering my SVT. Did you drink coffee, tea or pop?

I was suggested to have an ablation but was told because of my age (42), great physical condition (running for 10 years) and the fact that I only have 1 episode a year that it was up to me.

Do you think I should have the procedure?

Thanks.... Paul
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Hi Lauren!

Welcome to the Heart Rhythm Forums!!  We hope you find all the information you need here and that you feel welcome : )

I have had 2 ablations for PVCs.  I had had the pvcs for at least 25 years so I was used to them and they did not scare me.  At one point, I tried anti-arrythmics, but YUK to the side effects.  My doctor suggested ablation(s) and I decided to go for it.  My procedures lasted about 6.5 hours, but I was multi-focal and they were ablating conservatively.  I wasn't able to go home until the next day, but probably because I had to lie flat for 6 hours and wasn't in my room until 4:00pm.

Right before the procedures, the same thing happened to me....WHERE did the PVCs go? I was having them all the time and all of a sudden, they slowed way down.  Turned out not to be a problem as they were back in full force the day of the procedures.  

The only post effects I noticed (other than some bruising and a little tenderness around the catheter entry sites) was a faster heart rate for a few weeks post ablation.  The doctor said probably from all the poking around they did.  

Hope everything goes perfectly!!  Please feel free to ask any questions and we'll do our best to give you answers.  Also, be sure to check out the archives : )

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I recently had an ablation about 1 month ago.  Everything you said sounds about right.  My ablation lasted 5 hrs.  I went in @ 7:00 AM and was back at the hotel at 3:00PM.   It's not on my top 10 things to do in life but it wasn't too bad.  

I haven't had any re-occurances of tachycardia.  I've had a couple of moments where I felt like it was going to start but it hasnt'  In the past alcohol meant a definent trip to the ER.  I had a couple glasses of wine last weekend to celebrate the good weather.  Nothing!  I drink coffee every morning now which I had to give up for 1.5 yrs, happy for that!

I had my ablation done on a Thursday and was back to work the following Tuesday.  I was a bit sore in my groin area and had some bruising but other than that there was no discomfort.  

Good luck to you and let us know how it goes.

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Hi Lauren! I am having an ablation done on the 22nd for SVT. I have only had one episode but it was also a trip to the ER that got it to stop.  

I had an appt with the EP last week and he explained to me that my heart wasn't beating strong enough because the electrical currents can't figure out which way to go. So, that may be why your docs are suggesting your ablation too.  As I have only had one episode of SVT.

He told me it would take about 3 hours and that I would be staying overnight in hospital.  I think that is just the preference of the doc.

Let me know how things go...... good luck & prayers at ya!
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Thanks to you and all the above, it really helps to read these comments... it's not exactly easy (informative) to chat with family about this... so thank you all

Of course after saying that my 'events' had calmed down, I now have them several times a day - always the same - they happen a bit after I have stood up and started walking somewhere (I exercise daily).... I can fell them come on... I usually stop, stay with it for a bit, then cough to see if I can stop them - so far I can.  

So, I'm going in this friday.  Doctor was the one that suggested a 'conservative' approach, by which, I guess he means he won't zap that many heart cells on his way to finding the right ones?  He's very well respected but his bedside manner is not his strong point, so he felt he needed to tell me that the worse case scenario had me leaving with a pacemaker!

The way he describes my episodes is that the signals start off in one direction then get stuck in a circle... somehow coughing, or 'bearing down' or putting your face in a bowl of ice water, are three classic techniques that somehow can disrupt this cycle... but I've read that some on this forum had episodes that started this way and turned into events they couldn't stop.  

Anyway good luck to you too!  I'll let you know how it goes friday... I'm bringing my ipod with a book on it so I can lay flat for however many hours...

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