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Single Irregular Heart Beat During Exercise
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Single Irregular Heart Beat During Exercise

I am in my mid twenty's 5'4" and not considered overweight, I do not smoke, I drink alcohol moderately, maybe a few drinks a few times a week, and as of my last physical have been given a clean bill of health. I do have asthma and have two inhalers, QVAR and Combivent. I take Orthotricyclen and take a 25mg generic sleeping aid at night. Other than that I am not on any medications.
Lately I have been exercising at least 4 times a week. I begin on the treadmill and walk for a bit at 3.5 mph, and then accelerate to 5.5mph at a decent jog. I continue this pace for about 5-10 min. When my heartbeat gets "up there" I will have a SINGLE irregular beat, like alomst a pounding out of my chest (almost similar to the feeling you get in your stomach on a rollercoaster or in an elevator, except this is what my heart feels like) It only happens once, like I said ONE SINGLE BEAT, but it may happen again if my heart rate either stays accelerated, or if I cool down and then begin my jog again. Its not a painful feeling. Just awkward and unsettling.
What could this be?? Should I see someone about it??
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What you discovered is probably a PAC, less likely a PVC.

Where PACs and PVCs are extremely common and usually don't even require medical attention, premature beats that increases during exercise is SOMETIMES a sign of disease and should be investigated by a doctor, but just a single premature beat is something we all may have during exercise.

There are some possible explainations:

1) You have them also at rest, but the fact that your cardiac output and  blood pressure is (and should be!) significantly higher during exercise, make you feel the beat better.

2) Your asthma meds are, along with increased adrenaline during exercise, provoking the premature beat.

3) You got aware of this and your adrenaline levels hit the sky during exercise (that happened to me and when I had this problem at the worst, every third beat during exercise felt like this... extremely discomforting..)

If you are otherwise feeling well, no fever, no infections, no sudden loss of exercise capacity, this is extremely unlikely to be dangerous. Anyway, I would recommend seeing your doctor and let him evaluate your EKG. If he thinks it's necessary, he will refer you to a stress test and possibly ultrasound of the heart.

Good luck! I know this is really annoying and feels scary..
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