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Sinus Bradyarrythmia
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Sinus Bradyarrythmia

Good day to everyone,

I would like to seek any help or info about "SINUS BRADYARRYTHMIA" because my husband's annual medical test results particularly the ECG just recently showed a findings of "Sinus Bradyarrythmia". I came online immediately to research on this thing and I got bumped into this very helpful site. Thus, I Am hopeful that someone somehow could share some overview about this.

I asked my husband about what he feels or about any symptoms he might have felt. He said he sometimes feel the ff:
1.) a pricking pain on his left chest and it goes for sometime and fades away too.
2.) he easily and always feels tired
3.) shortness of breath at times cause by as if something heavy was on his chest.
4.) sometimes he feels "light headed" and dizzy that makes him looks like he is pale

Can anyone help and enlighten us on this matter? I am worried this might be a serious thing that we should deal with. My husband is not going to any doctor unless he faints out of his pre existing acute gastritis too.

Thank you so much and God bless everyone.
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It is difficult to say what the underlying problem could be, that is causing the  "SINUS BRADYARRYTHMIA" He should certainly have more testing, like a holter monitor, to try and figure out what is causing this.

The symptoms you mention lead me to believe that he is definitely symptomatic as a result of the low heart rate. Unfortunately, if the problem does not correct itself, there are no known medications used as a method to increase the rate. The suggested treatment option for symptomatic bradycardia is usually a Pacemaker implant.

I do hope that you are able to persuade your husband to seek further testing for this problem.

The best of luck to you and your husband. Please let us know how it works out:)
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Thanks for the inputs. I will persuade my husband to have the result verified and checked by a cardiologist. Thanks again and i will let you know once we got the doctor's feedback.
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