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Hello everyone...

Some of you may know from my previous posts I have lived with SVT for about 20 years now only having one or 2 episodes a year. I haven't had an episode for over a year now but I have been having the sensation like a skipped beat happen more and more now? I am having this happen once or twice a day now. It feels like it will start SVT but doesn't.

Its a funny sensation that only last a second or 2 but makes sort of pause while it happens (if that makes sense?)...

I have decided to put off having an ablation as I wanted to give no caffeine a try. Well I haven't had caffeine since my last episode over a year ago but these "skipped beat" sensations are now starting to occur more frequently.

Do you think they could have always been there and did actually start SVT but now without the caffeine trigger its just not going into SVT?

Thanks for a great forum!!!!
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Have you actually gone into SVT or just felt like you might?

It could be you are just having pvcs/pacs but because you are heart "sensitive", that is to day very aware of your heart, you are feeling the sensation a little more.

I hope that you are not having SVT.
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No, I'm not going into SVT (that would be 240bpm and a trip to the ER for an Adenosine shot). This is more of a skip or hiccup... Thats the best I can describe it. I never really noticed these before but in the last couple of months I have been having as many as 2-3 a day or 2-3 a week. They can occur while resting or normal activity.

I actually pause myself when having one because I think here we go... And I sometimes think if I were to bb bending over or starting off suddenly it might actually start SVT (because these have triggered SVT in the past).

I have told myself that if I do have another episode of SVT I will probably have the ablation performed because there is always the "what if" whenever I am far away from home....

Thanks for the reply...
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Hi there!!  I think that what you are describing is a PVC or a PAC.  I know you've read up on these because you've been on the forum off and on for awhile now :-).  Thing is, PVC's are not at all harmful, and when compared to SVT they are just so "not a big deal."

That doesn't mean that they aren't troublesome, or that they never trigger SVT, because I think there are some (few) times when they might.  Thing is, both SVT and PVC's are caused by non pacemaker cells that take on the roll of the pacer cells and send out errant electrical signals causing these arrhythmias.  Unfortunately, SVT is usually unifocal (one particular section of the heart muscle is the section trying to take over the job of the natural pacemaker) and PVC's are often multifocal (lots of different little rogue cells causing trouble).  An ablation for SVT is usually successful because the doctors burn the cells responsible for causing the SVT and that is that.  On the other hand, an ablation for PVC's is often only partially successful because while you may destroy a few cells that cause the problem, there are often tons more hidding around the corner.  

The PVC's and the SVT are NOT caused by the same cells, so when you go in for an ablation and the doctors trigger an SVT episode they'll destroy the cells causing the problem.  However, the cells causing the PVC's may not be able to be identified at all.  

I guess what I'm saying is that unless your PVC's start triggering actual SVT episodes, then your "condition" hasn't really changed.  You are still only experiencing the SVT 1 or 2 times per year and the severity has not increased.  The PVC's are likely a completely separate situation (aren't you the lucky one?)

One last thought...often when people get an ablation done, they notice PVC's continue or arise as a result of the procedure.  An ablation can make the heart "twitchy" for a short while after it is performed.  So, if the only reason you are (at the moment) thinking that you want to go with the ablation is because of these new "skipped beats," you should consider that having the ablation will not likely stop the skipped beats from occurring at all.  At the same time, at least your SVT will be gone.

Anyway, there is my rambling on the subject.  Sorry if I went on and on.
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Thanks so much for your reply...

Something was telling me that these PVC/PACs could be a totally different thing because I've never noticed them before. With the SVT it just comes on very suddenly without any heads up...

BTW, I think I'm much luckier than most on this board as my symptoms aren't nearly as bad some of the people here....

Thanks again for your comments...
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