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Successful (touch wood) ablation for AVNRT (SVT)
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Successful (touch wood) ablation for AVNRT (SVT)

Hi, it isnt so much of a question. Just wanted to share my experience of catheter ablation for AVNRT.
I posted a few weeks ago that I was so scared and was looking for some helpful words from people who experienced the same as myself.
I had my ablation on wednesday, nearly 4 days ago, and if I knew then what I know now I would not have worked myself up. Yes I was a nervous wreck, crying in the ward whilst signing my consent form, but the doctor that was going to be performing the procedure arranged for me to move up the list and go 1st, they made me visit the ladies room, then inserted the IV line then walked me down to the lab.
I was a little overwhelmed and just accepted that this was it, the staff there moved around so quickly and put the necessary patches on me for the ECG, then I lay back and my arms were tucked in, I remember a warm blanket being placed on me and then the nurse told me she was sedating me. I asked when I would fall asleep, then I remember nothing except when my heart had obviously been put into SVT, I awoke and looked around feeling a little scared, the doctor told me I was fine and I went straight back to sleep. I didn't feel any injection for the local anaesthetic, I didnt feel them insert any catheters, I didnt feel any poking or burning in my chest. If I did, I cant remember which is great.
I believe the procedure took almost 2 hours and I had 6 burns. My EP came round the ward to see me, he told me I had an unusual shaped heart... which obviously I am concerned about now! But I was a little too dazed to ask what he meant.
I was allowed home at tea time. I was desperate to get out as hospitals make me very anxious.
So, my groin (don't wish to speak too soon) is not really painful, perhaps if i catch it or walk too much or bend my leg I notice it.
The only thing is some slight discomfort in my chest and I get out of breath when doing little things. But maybe light gardening should wait until next week!
If anybody is worrying, as I was prior to my ablation, please read this and relax, you will be fine. The consultants do this day in and day out and they truelly are marvellous people. I take my hat off to them and wish them all many thanks.
I know its early days but I hope that I am in the 95% that this ablation works for as a total cure.
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Thanks for the positive report, I am sure it will be read by many and some will go forward with less worry to their own day in surgery.  

I've had open heart surgery, and was scared, but everything went well for me too.  

The idea surgery, even by catheter, will worry most of us.

Congratulations, and yes take it slowly getting back the any heavy physical activity - I assume your doctor/nurse gave advice on that matter.
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Got your note. I'm glad to hear everything went well.  Th anesthesia was cake, right?  Expect some jumpiness over the next few months as your heart heals.  Enjoy your new life free of SVT.
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Thanks for posting back!  I hope all the best for you!
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That's wonderful news!  Glad all went well for you,  Congratulations on your new SVT-free life!
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Hi Jerry you are very brave for having open heart surgery my dad had a bypass last october, very worrying times. Hope you are well as a result.
Yes I'm trying to take it easy but have a very heavy 20 month old boy to run around after.
Take care
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