Tachycardia only when waking up from nap or sleep EVERY DAY!!
by alan411, Dec 25, 2008
I am 24, and for the past 3 weeks have been having tachycardia when waking up from a short nap or from a long nights sleep EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THE PAST 3 WEEKS. I was waking up at night with the same problem but was prescribed xanax, the night episodes have stopped but the tachycardia when waking up from naps or sleep have continued ( mighth be gettting worse, I don't know) Does anyone know what I might have? I am very scared. I don't have health insurance so if anyone know what kind of specialist I need to see and what tests I might need done. Also if you guys know what condition I might have. THANK YOU FOR ANY COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS!
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by Jerry_NJBlank, Dec 26, 2008
What is your HR when you awake?  If 80-90 I wouldn't be particularly worried, but you may know as you are using the word that Tachycardia is generally defined as 100+ for the ventricle rate.  Do you have any other symptoms, irregularity, shortness of breath, does you HR drop back when at rest after you are up and about for a period of time?

The problem would be best diagnosed by a cardiologist.  They cost a bit more than a GP doctor, but are best able to diagnose heart conditions. A GP doctor would likely just refer you to a cardiologist anyway.  All tests are extra cost item, like a simple Electrocardiogram.  It would also be best if you could be examined when the condition is active, i.e., if you heart settles down after you are moving around, the doctor may not find anything "wrong" with an office visit and EKG.
by alan411, Dec 26, 2008
I run everyday and maybe have 19% body fat, I am 6'5 and weigh 230, my heart rate when resting is between 60-70, when I wake up from a nap or sleep, my heart rate rranges from 150-180, it might even be twithcing, I can;t really tell. I was taking epinephrine for my asthma ( over the counter inhaler that I now know causes heart problems) for 2 and a half years about 2-4 times daily. This all started happening to me 3 weeks ago, my doctor rx xanax andn stopped the waking up in the middle of the night, but anytime I take a nap or fall asleep and wake up, it geeks out really bad. Is this life threatening?
by Jerry_NJBlank, Dec 26, 2008
Sounds like you have a basically strong cardio-vascular system, 60-70 is a great rest rate for anyone over 60...wish mine would slow down, I'm lucky to get into the 70s and that's with a BB.  I'm 69, about 6'6" and getting shorter and about 235 pounds,..was around 225-230 on a good day when still running.  It is hard to burn those "extra" calories without running.  

I don't have any idea on the specific cause, but I have read of the high HR problem on this forum/community in the past.  You may be able to find some good threads by searching on "high heart rate when waking up"..or something similar if that string doesn't work. Too, someone with a similar history may come on line and read this thread...thus adding more helpful information.

I read your post to say you've had a discussion with your doctor, that and the fact your heart settles down once you are up and around would lead me to conclude you are not under any immediate life threat...that's my opinion, but further checks with a cardiologist would be a good strategy, I think.

Happy new year with a heart working "just right".  
by Zachs, Dec 26, 2008
Hi Alan!   I've experienced tachycardia when waking from naps and night sleep.  I did find out that it had a lot to do with stress and anxiety.  What are the first things through your mind when you actually wake up?  Are you instantly aware of your heart and what its doing?  I've found solving the problem is instead of rushing to conclusions with irrational self-diagnosing/thoughts or being in fear of having a heart attack (very unlikely at your age), is to think if rational thoughts and trying to relax and comprehend that the episode of fast heart beats are normal and are not going to kill you.

I used to start pacing the floors (walking in circles) because of the fear that the tachycardia brought on, which made the episodes last for way to much longer than what they should, and after looking back at what the triggers were, is it was the fact of waking up from sleep (you are in a heightened state already). Sometimes fear rushes in quicker than it should sending your heart racing almost immediately when you first wake up.  Napping and Sleeping is a good way for the body to detoxify itself, and if you are anxious throughout the day with irrational thoughts, when you to get to sleep, your body is extremely relaxed and free of adrenaline.  So when you wake up.  BAM!  instant shot of adrenaline, instant heart rate of 150+.

Another thing to consider sometimes when taking you pulse, is even though you might think your heart is beating 220-230bpm it could be HALF that rate.  Which in your case around 110-120, which is very very fast heart rate.  Sometimes when we take our pulse, or our heart is beating very fast 130-150, the atrial and ventrical contractions are felt in our pulse.  Sometimes its beating so hard and fast that you feel your heart in your chest, and its difficult to take your pulse from another spot on the body.

All I'm saying to you is try to take a rational approach to your situation.  I hope this helps you in some form or fashion... Zach
by Liz4914, Dec 27, 2008
I've had this problem before - very fast heart rate on waking up from naps - and also waking me up in the middle of the night -- I have had it for years on and off - it started when I was in my late thirties  - had the tests (ECG, echo and Holter) and nothing was found amiss.  Recently I have been diagnosed with RVOT-VT although medication is suppressing this.  I am going to see my cardiologist again in January and will ask again about the cause.  Hope it helps that others have experienced it too and know what you are talking about.
by Weney3777, Apr 17, 2009
I just found this site. For the last year I've been waking up with a HR of 160. Even before I get out of bed it starts to rise. When I'm standing it's higher so I simply sit for 1/2-2 hours until it goes down. I feel awful. I'm nauseas and very weak. Sometimes I'm weak all day. All my cardio tests have come up fine and the doctor put me on Lopressor, 75 mg a day. It feels good to know I'm not alone. I go to the cardiologist every 3 weeks until we can get this under control(it's been 3 months). The nurse mentioned POST. My BP is always very low and I'm also on Midodrine. My heart rate can be 150 and my BP is 80/60. This is very scary. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
by tayab, Nov 29, 2009
I've problem  very fast heart rate on waking up from naps - and also waking me up in the middle of the night -- I have had it for last one month . In ECG, nothing was found. Can any body tell me how to overcame this problem.
by chuparosa, Nov 30, 2009
Just curious..... when you wake up with a fast heartbeat, how long does it last before it goes back to a normal rate? Does it just stop and go back to normal or slowly go back to normal?
by Charmbracelet81, Jan 09, 2010
I just want to sympathize....it is 3:30 am where I am and here I am because I can't/am afraid to go back to sleep because my heart woke me up :o( I just recently had echo/holter which my diagnosis was PAC's only.  So now that I have this new symptom, I am very uneasy. :o( I rolled over and felt my heart pounding in my chest and sat up and it was 150 BPM.  I tried really hard not to panic (I have anxiety/panic disorder) and after about 30 minutes and some water, it went back down...only thing is, I'm afraid to go back to sleep...anyone else??