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Vagus Nerve And Digestive Disorder
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Vagus Nerve And Digestive Disorder

I have a Vagus Nerve Stimulator and am having some bad digestive problems. I understand the vagus nerve controls some of the digestive processes in the stomach and if the nerve is damaged somehow that can cause problems with digestion. Food seems to stay in my stomach for a long time and causes some sleep problems also. I had the implant about 3 years ago and just started experiencing these problems in the last 7 months so I don't believe if there is any damage it happened during the implant surgery. I recently had a complete blood and urine workup and everything came back normal. I mentioned this to my doctor briefly and he seemed to brush it aside. I would like some advice on how to effectively discuss this with my doctor.
This post looks like it could belong in this discussion or a number of other forums so if i'm in the wrong one please redirect me. Thank-You, Michael

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You may want to read the following post.  It doesn't start are on your subject but the discussion moves to the same subject, to my reading.

You may want to contact the person on the above post and exchange further discussion privately or on the Community.

Good luck
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